2020 Year in Review

Good-bye 2020! You’ve been an unforgettable year. I’ll remember you for being a year of C’s. There was that horrible big C which brought contagion, chaos and confinement but there were also plenty of pleasant little C’s – every Friday as a matter of fact.

This was my first year as Co-host of the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. I am grateful to Amanda for having me and allowing me to ‘tinker’ with the challenge. She’s a fantastic blogger and collaborator and I’m glad to be on her team. Thank you Amanda!

For this post I thought I’d share a carousel of 2020 Friendly Friday banners The carousel is a feature of the new WordPress editor – it shows headers for posts based on tag names. It took me a while to figure it out (and clean up my tag names) but it’s a neat feature. Check it out. Clicking on any banner will take you to the original post.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many bloggers for the first time through Friendly Friday. I had wanted to highlight the popular topics and showcase some contributors. However browsing through a year’s worth of pingbacks and comments turned out to be harder than I thought 🙂 I’ve kept it to the top three challenges with one featured photo each. Thank you DavidM, WoollyMuses and Eklastic for allowing me to show your photos here.

Many thanks to everyone who played the challenge last year and I look forward to see you again in the New Year 2021!

Most Popular Challenges

Most popular challenges in terms of views, likes and comments

Share a photo depicting SIMPLE JOYS. Maybe it’s a picture of something that brings you joy. Or a portrait with an expression of joy. Or a place or time of joy.

Share a photo of ART UNEXPECTED. It should be something unusual, something out of the ordinary.  It doesn’t have to be beautiful. It doesn’t have to be constructed. It just has to have been impressive to you.

Share photos that feature SHADOWS. The photos can be anecdotal, accidental, artistic, abstract or profound.

Notable Photos

Selected from viewer submissions to the Most Popular Challenges

DavidM found Simple Joy in this view of Colpoy’s Bay shoreline at dawn.

WoolyMuses found Unexpected Art in a concrete purse found on a window sill in Melbourne

Eklastic had fun playing with Shadows and fire hydrant

Toronto, Canada. January 2021


  1. What a collection! This photo of Colpoy’s Bay shoreline at dawns simply extraordinary. Thank you for the inspiration. I’ll try to be more active this year.
    Wishing you a very happy 2021 Sandy filled with occasion for great photos.

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  2. You’ve got me pondering already how I could make good use of that carousel feature! Thank you for everything you do in hosting Friendly Friday. Getting involved with that, and other photo challenges such as this Lens-Artist one, has introduced me to lots of wonderful fellow bloggers and stimulated many interesting blog post ideas for me 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A mammoth effort to compile such a post, Sandy. I have seen the carousel feature but not yet experimented with it to any great extent. Well done to the contributors named and to you for sticking with me and completing a whole year worth of challenges. Thank You!

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