Lens-Artists Challenge #129: Favorite Images of 2020

This week’s Lens Artists challenge is to share Favorite Images of 2020.

To tell the truth, I hadn’t taken many new photos in 2020. Something to do with travel restrictions, lockdown and mortal fear of venturing out. But really, I’ve never been motivated to do landscape and nature photography. Street and people is more my thing and well, you know.

However, I did discover a new way of making photos. Graphic design tools like Nexmuse, Adobe Spark and Canva allowed me to re-invent old photos. Along the way, I’ve discovered old memories and created new visual stories.

Graphic Transformation

This is one of my favorite graphic images. I’ve always loved this particular street portrait but it’s been revitalized by making it graphic with Nexmuse and enhancing the colors with Lightroom.

Postcards from the Past

The last time I was in Paris … I didn’t send a postcard. Using Canva I made up for it by creating a visual story of a remembered street scene.

Long before my ‘proper’ camera, I had a Kodak Instamatic and photos were printed from film. The dusty prints hardly survived the ravages of time. Although, I wonder if they were ever in focus. No matter. Formatted with Adobe Spark, I re-purposed the pictures and recalled some fond memories.

Longed for the Beach

And then of course, there were those photos that reminded me of the places I wanted to be.


  1. I’ve used Canva a few times since you introduced me to it – it’s a great tool. I love your ‘Orange’ image in particular so I must experiment some more with Nexmuse too I think πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m glad to hear that you tried & liked Canva. Nexmuse offers something different. As I said to Tina though, the results largely depend on the photo going in. Pls do share your experiment when you’re done!

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    1. Same to you Mike .;-)
      True, travel doesnt have to be around the world. I don’t even want to do that. Just across the country, to see the beach. Hopefully we will, later this year.

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    1. Thank you Tina. It’s one of those images which had me searching for another photo to repeat the process but I couldn’t find. A combination of factors made this one fit for purpose and one of a kind in my archives.

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