Welcome to Sandy’s blog. It has a little bit of everything.

Photo’s from Asia, China, Canada  and US.

Travel bits on people and places there.

Food, recipes and oddities.

It’s primarily to capture stuff I am sure to forget.

After reading other people’s blogs, I realized that my introduction was a little sparse. So a bit more about me.

I am an amateur photographer, writer and traveler. I used to work 24/7 with high-tech computer software.  One day I realized that I was missing out on a low-tech human world. I decided to break from corporate life and rediscover the joys of creative writing and photography. I’ve been exploring ever since.

Over the last ten+ years I’ve split my time living in Toronto, Beijing, Singapore and now,  Ucluelet in Canada’s wild Pacific coast.  This blog captures some of what I’ve seen and a lot of what I remember.   It is a travel and culture blog with photos and thoughts on things out & about, here & there.

I hope you enjoy reading.


© 2015- 2020 · The Sandy Chronicles · All Rights Reserved


    1. It’s good to be unique, yes? There’s an old Japanese saying that a nail that sticks up gets hammered down. Luckily … I’m not Japanese 😉 Thanks for following my blog. I hope it’ll keep you amused.

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    1. My background helps – I’m not easily intimidated by random acts of software 🙂 Thanks for following my blog Amanda. I appreciate your comments and look forward to hearing more from you! – Sandy


  1. Dear Sandy, I’d like to nominate you for the Liebster Award. No pressure to accept, although I’d be happy if you’d accept and take part 🙂 Check out the details on my blog. Thanks, Debora (I’d really appreciate if you accept and would love to read your answers!)


    1. Debora,
      I am tickled pink that you like my blog enough to nominate it. I need to think & work on this. As your blog says, it seems like a lot of work … especially about such a boring subject (Me). I will follow your lead by doing this in parts, starting with your questions 🙂
      Thanks for the nomination. I’ll display the logo with pride !

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