Friendly Friday Challenge

The Friendly Friday Challenge is a fortnightly challenge co-hosted by myself, Amanda from  Something to Ponder About and Sarah from Travel with Me, with occasional Guest hosts from the Friendly Friday community .

Every other week one of us will post a topic to inspire a post featuring a story, a photo, a recipe or anything else that captures your imagination.  

You can post once, twice or as many times as you’re inspired by the topic.

Amanda, Sarah and I will take turns in posting challenges.  Keep notified  by following all our blogs at   The Sandy Chronicles, Something to Ponder About  and Travel with Me

How to join the Challenge

  • Write a post responding to the challenge and tag it with ‘Friendly Friday’
  • Include a link to the original Friendly Friendly Challenge post on the host’s blog
  • Note that links to a homepage will not issue a pingback.
  • As an option, you can include the latest Friendly Friday Challenge logo. Download it here.
  • Comment on the host’s Friendly Friday post, so that other readers can find and read your response.
  • Visit other Friendly Friday entries by following their links. It’s fun!
  • Follow the host blogs to see future Friendly Friday Challenges

The Benefits

  • Increase your exposure in our blogging communities
  • Inspire and be inspired by diverse blog articles
  • Challenge your creativity
  • Make new friends and keep in touch with old ones