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All around the world, scientists are racing to find the cure for Covid-19.  In our smaller world of home and hearth, discoveries of a simpler nature are no less amazing. Or amusing.

For this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge I ask you to share a post demonstrating COVID DISCOVERIES IN YOUR HOME. 

Maybe this is something you’ve discovered during your one kilometer walk. Or a delicious recipe that you’ve never tried before. Or insight into what your pets normally do when you’re away.

In my case, it was discovering an old pantry item and trying a recipe for Instant Ramen Fried Rice.  It’s an unlikely pairing of convenience food and left over rice, prepared with minimum effort, resulting in a surprisingly tasty dish. Really. It’s not as bad as it should be.

After several years away from my corporate job, I finally found  use for my old shirt blouses. They make stylish face masks.  It’s a Work Shirt Resurrection.

With all this time on my hands, I started re-purposing my son’s old bedroom into my own workspace. Cleaning out his toy box I discovered his Lego set and started making photos of a different kind.  It’s a new kind of photography – Legography.

A new kind of photography – Legography

I look forward to seeing your COVID DISCOVERIES. 

Remember to include a link to this post and a comment below,  so that I and others can find your response.

If you’re new to Friendly Friday, full instructions on how to participate can be found here.

This week’s challenge for COVID DISCOVERIES goes up to Thursday, after which Amanda at StPA will post a new Friendly Friday challenge.

Toronto, Canada.  May 2020


    1. It’s very easy to put me to shame with Lego. Those three Lego men did me in 🙂 I have always marveled at my son’s ability to build Lego structures. It requires 3D visualization skills that I don’t have 🙂

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    1. I do believe I got my Lego men inspiration from you! Thanks for that 🙂
      I love your post. It pulled together two activities that my son loved when he was little – Lego and Where’s Waldo.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You have come up with another topical theme, Sandy, and I love your discoveries. I am looking forward to seeing what other discoveries the participants may share.
    I have discovered several new recipes, made new art projects, and a sourdough starter, (with your help), started two online courses, planted cuttings in the garden and made beeswax wraps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You put me to shame Amanda. You’ve used your time well! I look forward to our responses to the challenge too 🙂
      And ahhmm … what’s a beeswax wrap ?


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