Travel Photos – Day 9 & 10

This is my fifth and final post for the 10 Day Travel Photo Challenge. In my first post I talked about the taxis in Beijing and Hong Kong. Dovalpage commented that the taxis there reminded her of those in Havana. I’ve never been to Havana so I can’t compare. I have been to a little village outside of small town 877 kilometers away from Havana. I found the taxis there to be quite different.

Travel Photo – Day 9

Travel Photo – Day 10

If you guessed the location then I think you’re already friends with this long haired beauty of a caballo.

The photos were taken in Chivirico which is a sleepy coastal village one hour away from Santiago de Cuba. The people there are laid back, chill and friendly. The horse taxi will always stop for you and if he’s full, he’ll come back and get you later.

That’s it folks. My final post for the 10 Day Travel Photo Challenge! I hope you enjoyed it despite my blatant disregard of the rules. My thanks to Amanda for nominating me.

January 2021


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