Friendly Friday: FRIENDSHIP

There’s a wise old saying that you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. In fact, there are tons of sayings about friendship, about choosing friends wisely, the healing therapy of friends, the friends who lift you up, the friends who stay around.

For this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge I ask you to share photos depicting FRIENDSHIP. 

The photos can literal, metaphorical or inspirational. Does it make you think of friendship? Go for it!

The bonds of friendship start early. When having fun is being in a crowd. When being brave is easier with a friend.

Some friendships extend into adulthood. New found or old, the enduring quality of friendship is obvious.

Of course, friends take many forms and the very best of friends share the best of times.

I look forward to seeing your photos of FRIENDSHIP. Feel free to use your photo archives or take new pictures when you’re out and about.

Remember to include a link to this post and a comment below,  so that I and others can find your response.

If you’re new to Friendly Friday, full instructions on how to participate can be found here.

This week’s challenge for FRIENDSHIP goes up to Thursday, after which Amanda at StPA will post a new Friendly Friday challenge.

Tomorrow it will be my turn to host a special Guest Post for this week’s challenge. So along with posting your photos, why don’t you check back here and read what FRIENDSHIP means to Jen of Heavens To Betsy

See you then! – Sandy

Toronto, Canada.  August 2020


  1. Thanks for this wonderful post Sandy! I again just managed to post on a Thursday:( And while I did not have great photographs I sure felt great thinking about my friends. Your photographs are, as always, just beautiful and full of emotions. The one in Hungary is my most favorite perhaps!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t apologize Moon. I’m actually glad to see your post – it’s a great way to close out and end my week’s challenge 🙂
      Thank you for liking my photos. The two ladies in Budapest are favorite picture of mine too.

      Liked by 2 people

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