Bloggers with a View: MARKET DAY

The vlog for MARKET DAY is ready for viewing !

Many thanks to the contributors who shared Market Day scenes from around the world. We have scenes from France, Oman, Australia, Singapore and Canada. I had great fun pulling it all together and learned much about posting to YouTube. Now I know all some of the annoying tricks vloggers do to their videos but I promise, I will restrain myself!

And for the bloggers behind the scenes …

Many thanks to

Toronto, Canada. February 2021


  1. I really love all three videos that you all did for this challenge. ❤ A brilliant idea, name – Bloggers with a View – and execution. I only take videos by accident but am curious. I might be willing to give it a try. Will you be having more of them?

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  2. Excellent! Just saw the video thanks to comments via Donna’s blog. I’m on a light internet detox week while at my mum’s and only use my phone.
    Anyway well done on your first vlog!! I loved the Singapore piece very much and the milk from a bag tutorial. As always the sunny vibe from Australia was great too!
    Have a lovely weekend. Talk to you later.

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  3. You’ve done an excellent job pulling this together and all the contributions look great! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to pull anything together but shopping alone, as we have to do at the moment, makes it hard to video anything. But we should be loosening up over the next few weeks and months, hopefully, so I’m keen to contribute in the future 🙂

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    1. Ever watched a video when a pop-up window shows up? and it obscures what you’re watching? Or a suggested next video shows something you have no interest is seeing? These are ‘cards’ which you can add and customize. Defaults & careless editing cause the issues I’ve mentioned.


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