Friendly Friday Challenge: SOMETHING DIFFERENT

A happy consequence of Covid confinement is more people blogging and increased participation in blog challenges. A not so happy consequence is that it’s getting harder to come up with unique challenges. In the past few weeks I’ve seen similar topics pop up independently from different challenge hosts. I even caught myself writing a challenge that I’d already used last year.

For the next two weeks the Friendly Friday Challenge is SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Try something different and share a post telling us about it.

How different is DIFFERENT? It’s entirely up to you. Look at what you’ve been posting in the last four weeks, see what’s your norm and consider posting something outside the norm. No need to go crazy. It could be as simple as changing your photographic style: monochrome instead of color; macro instead of landscape; portraiture instead of flowers.

In my case it’d be flowers instead of portraiture.

Or you could take a break from photos and feature a recipe that you’ve recently tried. Like the Feta Pasta dish made famous on TikTok. Have you heard of it? It’s an easy dish of feta, pasta, cherry tomatoes, oil and garlic. It’s so simple that thousands have made it. The recipe can be traced back to Finnish blogger Jenny Hayrinen who said it was so popular that all the stores in Finland ran out of feta! Learn more by following this link on or Googling Tik Tok feta pasta.

Don’t turn your nose up at the TikTok feta pasta, it’s gone viral for a reason – by Katie Collins. CNET. Feb 19, 2021

If you’re up for something completely different … how about making a video? I’ve been having loads of fun making videos from old photos and recordings. I’ve learned new techniques using old tools like Canva and Movavi and gotten familiar with YouTube Studo. I’ve shared a few videos, with the latest being Bloggers With a View on Market Days.

I look forward to seeing your post on SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Remember that you have two weeks to post your response to this challenge. Full instructions on Friendly Friday can be found here.

Toronto, Canada. February 2021


  1. Amanda sent me this way with her current blog post. I’ve seen bloggers doing the Friendly Friday Challenge and am glad I now know what it’s about. I’ve always been a blogger who likes to try different approaches to sharing my thoughts, so this particular challenge reinforces my approach. I look forward to seeing a lot of “something different” in the blogosphere thanks to this challenge. 😊

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      1. It’s my first time doing anything quite like this. I’ve used video editing software to trim, combine and title video footage that I’ve shot, but I’d not made one of the photo sequences before, nor had I attempted to add a sound-track!

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    1. I see that in your youth you experimented with color and still llife (or only slightly dead). Quite different from your current style. But funny, especially the comments.
      I don’t get the dead fish principle but maybe I’d have to listen to Kurt Cobain.

      Nice to you joining in Mike!

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