Bloggers with a View: MARKET DAY

For the next Bloggers with a View vlog, the focus is on MARKET DAYS around the world.

If you’re like me with Lockdowns and Stay-at-Home orders, then you know that one of the few reasons to go out is to buy groceries. It’s become the highlight of my week to go forth and gather food!

But even when traveling, I always enjoyed a visit to the local market or grocery store. Little glimpses into other people’s everyday normal are novel.

Little things like brown eggs in cartons of ten versus white eggs in cartons of twelve, in Singapore vs Toronto.

…. Or freshly fried chicken in the 7-Eleven vs warmed-up supermarket take-out, in Tokyo vs Toronto.

… Or milk in one gallon jugs versus three one liter milk bladders, in Vancouver vs Toronto. You don’t know what a milk bladder looks like? Stay tuned for the video 😉

For the next Blogger with View collaboration, let’s share MARKET DAYS from around the world.

  • Contributions can be video or photos.
  • Videos should be ten to twenty seconds long in landscape mode.
  • Photos can be up to five pictures in landscape and 4X3 format.
  • Submission by February 22.

Interested? Let me know!


  1. Sorry Sandy, I think I’m going to have to pass on this one. Our markets are closed and we are expected to shop quickly and alone, so I can’t really hang around in the supermarket shooting videos. I do have lots of market shots from our travels in my archives but that isn’t really in the spirit of your theme 😉


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