CFFC: Saigon Bikes & Motos

Street scenes from a past visit to Ho Chi Minh City, previously known as Saigon. It’s not on purpose but it turns out that every photo has at least one motorbike in it. And why not? It’s only the most popular mode of travel in Vietnam and all of South East Asia.

Photos in response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Anything to do with Bikes, Trikes and Motorcycles

Photo taken in HCMC, Vietnam. BC (Before Covid19)


    1. Ha Ha! I have a video of someone attempting to cross and chickening out. For every step forward, he took two steps backwards. He never made it across !


  1. Vietnam is such a busy thriving place. One of only two countries to escape economic recession during Covid! I would not want to be a bird in that country, though.


        1. I take it you’re not referring to the two cocks in my photos? These are birds used for cockfights and they’re not actually kept in those cages. They’re being air’d or put on display. Having said that, there’s no moral high ground for cock-fights versus incarceration.
          But point taken on animals in this part of the world. People can have quite a different view of animals and how to treat them.


          1. Cockfights are pretty gruesome aren’t they. Any animal fights actually. One has to question why people can turn a blind eye to cruelty in order to gamble and win money. Heartless.


          2. I have never seen one and I’m repelled by the concept. It’s illegal in Vietnam and most places, which is why the displays like the above are easily dismantled and taken away.


  2. Great stuff, I remember the one with the three women and sunflowers. These slideshows are confusing, I’d rather see each image larger since there is so much in them. 👀


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