When I Get Older …

🎶When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now🎶 … I want to be like these guys.

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這不是要說阿公在模仿年輕時看小姐的樣子! 而是一個有點悲傷,關於布達佩斯旅遊紀念T被遺棄的故事…身上的衣服,來自被放了至少8年以上的T恤區,衣服上面寫著布達佩斯,而這位客人一共送洗了五件,分別是黑白灰黃紅,除非他真的很愛這一件T恤的款式,不然一定是一家人出遊時買的吧?但…就是洗了沒有來拿,不知道他們一家的記憶中是否還有布達佩斯。 👴🏼萬吉 上衣:至少8年布達佩斯紀念T 褲子:至少3年以上未取UQ卡其褲 👵🏼秀娥 領巾:兩條被遺棄的手帕綁成 上衣:至少8年布達佩斯紀念T 裙子:阿嬤30年私服 💡溫馨提醒|洗衣服請記得拿、認同請分享❤️ These old clothes have been abandoned by customers at the laundry for years. Owners of the laundry store, Wanji and Sho-Er who are over 80 years old. Grandson just can't bear to see them overwhelmed with bore everyday. So, ask them to reinterpret fashion, hoping to let everyone know that age is not a barrier to have fun in fashion and even old clothings can transformed into trendy outfits! 💡A friendly reminder|Don’t forget to pick up your laundry. #萬秀洗衣店 #Wantshow #wantshowasyoung #grandparents #mixandmatch #clothes #craftsman #しょくにん #ootd #wiw #instafashion #style #fashion #couple #夫婦 #80代 #budapest #grandma #grandpa #dappei @dappei_tw #juksyootd @mixfitmag_snap @uniqlo_ootd #converse @converse #cool_ootd #plainme_snap #plainme_life #ynet #femmefuture #culturecartel @nataliadornellas #classyvision #vintage

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Taiwanese couple Wan-Ji (83) and Sho-Er (84) are an Instagram sensation, famous for posing in edgy outfits against the backdrop of their laundry shop. Choreographed by their grandson, the stylish couple vogue it up for the camera, much to the delight their 50,000+ following.

“They dress more hip than i do,” wrote one commenter.

“Living their best life in their 80s!! Now THAT’S #couplegoals” said someone else.

According to the account, the clothing are all items left behind by customers over the years. The idea to model the outfits came from their grandson who wanted an activity to relieve them of boredom.

“Hoping to let everyone know that age is not a barrier,” the post reads, “to have fun in fashion and even old clothings can transformed into trendy outfits!”

Hmmm. Now, I can’t get that Beatles song out of my head

🎶Will you still be sending me a Valentine , Birthday greetings bottle of wine 🎶 ... If we could dress like Wan & Sho-ER, we could tear up the floor ... 🎶Will you still need me, will you still feed me, When I’m eightyfour 🎶

You can read more about Wan-Ji and Sho-Er here. Better still, have a look at their Instagram account here while playing the original Beatles song.


  1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Sandy for this wonderful little post. I follow this adorable Japanese couple who always wear matching outfit (I’ll have to search for their names…) but these two!! How I want to become so cool. And what a fabulous story that the grandson is involved in the whole process. I love it to bits.
    Bonus point for the Beatles vibe.

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