Friendly Friday: Something New & Different

For this week’s Friendly Friday challenge Amanda’s asked for SOMETHING NEW / SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  

With all these weeks of home isolation, it’s been hard to find new photos to post. Even with my photo archives, my old pictures are worn around the edges as I digitally thumb through them again and again. I am so looking forward to seeing your new and different types of responses to the Friendly Friday challenge.

For my response, I thought I’d share a recent experiment with my wardrobe. Normally, I’d purge by donating clothes to charity. This time around, I thought I’d do something different by up-cycling an item and making something new. 

I remember buying this denim vest in fit of impulse buying.  It was one of those days when I’d spent hours  shopping and desperately wanted to buy something. I found this item. It seemed to fit and looked half-way OK in the dressing room mirror. Feeling pressured to show some outcome for my day’s investment, I bought the vest.  I’ve never worn it since. This ever happened to you?

Fast forward to these times of  binge watching cooking shows on Netflix. I recalled seeing a show host with a denim apron.  Hey, I could do that!   A sewing project would be my equivalent to assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Plus, I could use it afterwards. Maybe.

Here’s the result.  Can you figure out which pieces came from where? (Don’t scroll down!)

Refurbishing the vest required a lot of cutting and picking out of seams. It also required patience, good lighting and better eyesight than I thought I had.  However, it worked out well. The end result was a ONE SIZE fits all apron … with some fitting better than others 🙂

One Size Fit All: Pre- & Post- Covid19 pounds

Here’s the answer to the reconstruction puzzle.  Is this something you’d want to try?

I look forward to seeing your responses to Amanda’s challenge.  I’m still working on my theme for this coming Friday. I will see you then!

Toronto, Canada.  May 2020



  1. Well done but to be honest, I’m not a sewer. I don’t have anything in my wardrobe that needs upcycling, down cycling or even recycling. I don’t buy clothes, or indeed anything else, on impulse.

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    1. Sewing isnt a big deal. Sewing something that’s wearable requires talent and thats not me. I know someone who makes haut coutere type dresses and my jaw drops.

      Good for you in not impulse buying! We should al be so disciplined 🙄

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  2. I have bought many clothes itens on impulse and later regretted it, and upcycling is a great way to re-use the item so that the purchase felt justified! I am really impressed with your upcycling. I love the concept and the apron. Very interesting adaptation. I have upcycled denim, mostly jeans, as a dog car mat for the car, but that was just joining square pieces. This looks like an art project as well as a sewing project! Have you used it yet?

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    1. It was certainly an all-day project and the outcome was not always certain. In that case, it was an art activity! Yes, I have used it and it performs to purpose. It’s needed too, since my other apron is ready to go 🙂

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