Friendly Friday: Holiday Party Games

Strictly speaking, playing games is not a holiday party tradition for me and my family. After a huge Christmas dinner and opening of presents, we mostly retire to the TV to watch a Christmas movie.

I hear that in other homes, some people have enough energy for games like Charades.

Which reminds me of a funny film I saw years ago. It was at a restaurant called ‘The Groaning Board’ which specialized in humongous servings of tasty, home-style foods. As we stuffed ourselves with all-you-can-eat soups and bread, we watched short films projected on the walls.

This Canadian short was produced by Sheridan College student, John Minnis in 1983. It went on to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1985 and a Genie Award (the Canadian Oscars) for “Best Theatrical Short Film” in 1985.

Thirty six years later, this film still makes me laugh.


  1. Hahha!! Thanks for the laugh! 😀 We used to play this game during our summer family holiday and called it Rabarbara. This word was repeated by the opposite team over and over so that they couldn’t hear our discussion when we were coming up with ideas. And we didn’t limit words to titles, it could be anything. Fun times.

    Let me tell of you a traditional Christmas game in Rome: After a humongous sea food dinner and presents, tangerines are served. You eat them and save the peel, fetch some coins and put them on the table – and it’s bingo time! 😀 They call it tombola. It doesn’t start until 1 pm when I’m always ready to sleep! The youngest was always the most interested in playing but then one year he lost interest and we didn’t play it. I kind of missed it. Last year no celebration. This year again is likely.


    1. Orange peel, coins and bingo — now that’s an innovative approach 🙂 I hope that things lighten up for some sort of celebration this year. Here in Canada, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t have to revert to last year’s Christmas 🙂

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