Friendly Friday Challenge: Holiday Treats & Traditions

For the last Friendly Friday Challenge of 2021, I’m excited to host our first ever year-end holiday party.

This week’s Friendly Friday Challenge is to share festive TREATS & TRADITIONS at our HOLIDAY PARTY

You are invited to post photos, essays and recipes celebrating treats and traditions for the upcoming holidays. Cookies, cakes and puddings. Latkes and sufganiyots. Christmas trees and decorations. Hanukkah lights. Festivus poles. Bring them all to our Friendly Friday Holiday party.

And if food and drink is not your way of celebrating the holiday? Are you a party animal with funny stories and jokes to tell? Write about that too!

The only ‘rule’ about this Holiday Party event, is that you publish your post BEFORE or ON Friday December 10, 2021 at 10:00am UTC.

What’s special about 10:00am UTC? It’s Friday everywhere in our Friendly Friday world!

Publishing your post on or before 10:00am UTC time means that party-goers on Friday can click-through to all the Holiday Party links at the same time!

I look forward to seeing your posts on TREATS & TRADITIONS for the HOLIDAYS.

Remember to include a pingback to this post, so that I and all the other Friendly Friday party-goers can find you.

In case you are wondering about the Festivus Pole reference … either because you’re too young to be a Seinfeld fan … or you never were … this video will explain The Story of Festivus.


    1. Hi Manja , you can post any time on or before 11am your time on Friday. Italy and Paris have the same time, correct?

      In the picture I tried to identify the time zones of all of loyal Friendly Fridayers 😉

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  1. Hi, Sandy – Festivus for the Restuvus! I LOVE that clip.
    The #whatsonyourbookshelfchallenge gals have a #festive_bonbon linkup also coming out on Friday, December 10. I’ve linked that post to this one and will encourage festive party goers to drop by here as well. ‘Tis the Season!
    See you then!

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  2. Hi Sandy. It’s funny how our tastes can change. During Seinfeld’s original run, I loved the show. I thought it was hilarious and rarely missed an episode. Over the last few years I’ve turned on some episodes (it’s still in syndication) and didn’t laugh at all. They seemed kind of dull. Oh well!

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    1. There are pieces of Seinfeld that are burned in my mind. Festivus is one of them. The other is the nightmare of getting lost in a parking garage! I will say that I was never such a fan as to watch every episode of Sienfeld. I found some (maybe many??) of the characters too annoying to take in full episode doses.

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