Friendly Friday Challenge: ROAD TRIP – Week 2

This is the second week for the Friendly Friday Challenge for posts inspired by ROAD TRIPS past, present or future.

We had some great conversations and posts on road tripping past and present, including:

I also heard from several bloggers about past trips to beautiful Vancouver Island. To further jog your memory or maybe even encourage a future visit, here’s a video slideshow of my last road trip.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us about a road trip – Past, Present or Future – that you have taken or would like to take. Even if you’ve already posted once, tell us more! Alternatively, do you have any hints or tips, for those of us wanting to visit your part of the world? If IRL trips just aren’t possible, how about armchair travels? Who’s your favorite author or website for tripping around the world? Maybe I can join you in your armchair adventure.

I look forward to seeing your post on ROAD TRIPS. You have one more week to publish your response to this challenge, after which Amanda will pose a new one. Remember to include a pingback to this post, so that I can find you. Full instructions on Friendly Friday can be found here.

Toronto, Canada. May 2021


    1. Welcome to Friendly Friday! I so glad that you found us. I really enjoyed your post and I hope I can spread the word on your cause. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you be able to start your trip as planned!


    1. Did you only mention the problems? I only remember your anecdotes ๐Ÿ˜‰ But you’re absolutely right, it’s the little hiccups that make these stories memorable!


  1. Very enjoyable Sandy, love the way youโ€™ve put this short video together. I might have ago as Iโ€™ve got two weeks in self quarantine after being in Melbourne recently.

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    1. Alison I glad you enjoyed both Amanda’s & my videos. It is very easy to do.

      I think I might pull together a few hints & tips on how to do. Do you think that’ll be useful?

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    1. That’s fabulous Amanda! It looks great and it was easy too, wasn’t it? These road trip videos are fun to pull together and nice to view. And they do make me want to get on the road again ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Yes, I am keen for another, although I would have to pace the next road trip. These hips don’t take too kindly to sitting in a car driving for too long. How much is the Canva sub to allow this function? My daughter’s 21st is coming up and I would like to do it rather than via Powerpoint?


        1. The free Canva allows you to make videos too. The difference between the free & the subscription version, is that some of the templates, downloadble elements and most of the audio tracks are not included.

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