Friendly Friday Challenge: ROAD TRIP

With Covid vaccinations rolling out worldwide, the end of perpetual lockdown is in sight. Many of us are dreaming, planning and even venturing on road trips. While international travel may still be on hold, adventures by road offer exciting possibilities.

For the next two weeks the Friendly Friday Challenge is to post articles inspired by ROAD TRIPS past, present or future.

The last time I went on a road trip it was around Vancouver Island in British Columbia. For those who don’t know Canada’s geography, British Columbia is a province on the North West Pacific coast. To get there, it is a five-hour flight from Toronto, followed by a ninety-minute ferry ride from Vancouver (the city) to Victoria on Vancouver Island. It’s a trip I normally make by plane but it’d be an awesome cross-Canada drive. Something that I’m planning for the future!

For our Vancouver Island road trip, we rented a car and drove to Sidney, Sooke, Duncan, Nanaimo and then went across the island to Ucluelet and Tofino. Along the way we had breathtaking scenery and stopped at the many folky, arty and cultural spots.

In Canada, we are not opening non-essential travel between provinces, much less to the US. So, while I might think about a future road trip there, the next best thing is armchair travel. In my mailbox this week, Goodreads suggested this reading road trip of books set in every state across the USA.

My last great armchair read was Chop Suey Nation by Ann Hui. In it, the author travels across Canada to write about small-town Chinese restaurants and the families who run them.

Although it looks like a cookbook, it is really a memoir about Chinese immigration in the 1970’s. It follows Ann Hui’s Toisan father and her parents’ legacy of Canadian Chinese, chop suey style restaurants. It’s a well written, braided story that moves between her family and the people interviewed on her trans-Canada trip.

Do you have a story to tell about a road trip? Read or real? Taken or planned? By train, plane or automobile? What’s your favorite road trip song? What’s your favorite food discovered on a road trip? Tell us about it!

I look forward to seeing your post on ROAD TRIPS. You have two weeks to publish your response to this challenge, after which Amanda will pose a new one. Remember to include a pingback to this post, so that I can find you. Full instructions on Friendly Friday can be found here.

Toronto, Canada. May 2021

Late to this week’s challenge? It’s never too late ! Check out Week 2 of the ROAD TRIP challenge here!


  1. Great idea for a theme and you’ve brought back some great memories of our own visit to Vancouver Island in 2002 🙂 But I’ve gone even further back for my contribution this week, to 1991 and out first ever US road trip:

    We’re currently dreaming of a mega road-trip in 2022 – possibly Route 66 or possibly Chicago to New Orleans. Watch this space!

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    1. Fabulous post Sarah. How things have changed since 1991. GPS takes away a lot of the stress of roadtripping in foreign places. Even just walking around cities. I’m sure your 2022 trip will be grand.

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    1. A cross Canada trip to BC is on our bucket list Graham! I started to look at routes and was surprised to see that the shortest route was through the US. Great traveller I am. Funny how oblivious we can be, about our own hometown 🙂

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  2. 2020 was supposed to be our year to take a three-month road trip across Canada, dipping down into the states every so often. It didn’t happen obviously, but maybe this year in September the world (or at least Canada) will start up again. At the very least, with a road trip you can always get back home, unlike a lot of my friends who were stuck in far flung places in February/March and took a few months to find a flight home. Right now we can’t even go over to the Island, let alone the rest of the country!

    The armchair traveller idea is not a bad way to travel during this time…

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  3. I would love to travel across Canada on a road trip, this sounds fascinating. Although I have been to Canada, half a day in Windsor, just across the river from Detroit, doesn’t really count in my opinion.
    I love the open spaces and small country towns.
    If there is Asian food to be had along the way, even better.


  4. Wow road tripping across the US by book could take me a while 🙂 We don’t have much opportunity to road trip at the moment, so I will delve into my archive of travels to see what I can come up with! As I am not a fan of driving, my road trips have usually been as a passenger, with someone else taking the strain of getting me to my destinations!


    1. It’d take me a while to read through them all too. Although I would never try to drive coast to coast in one go either, so maybe reading slowly, one book at that time is OK 😉
      I look forward to seeing your post!

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    1. I enjoyed your family road trip too! Up until recently, it seemed to be a thing to have mulit-generational ‘road’ trips on cruises. I wonder if that’ll ever come back? Maybe car road trips will become the norm again.

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        1. I do like traveling by train but not all places are as well served as Europe. Here in Canada we do have trains but I’d guess that it’s the least popular way to travel for vacation.

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          1. Same here, which is a shame. In the UK it’s all down to poor service and expensive tickets. If there was going to be real change in the way we travel, trains would have to be cheaper and more reliable.


  5. I love the idea of reading books across the United States. It might be easier to read across Canada or Australia, though – fewer states. I finished Liesbet’s book Plunge, which was fabulous about her “sea trip” around the world. I just finished blogger, Robbie Cheadle’s newest book, A Ghost and his Gold, an historical fiction set in Africa. Now I’m reading Colleen Chesebro’s Guide to Writing Japanese Syllabic poetry. I look forward to seeing what people have to say about their road trips. Bon Voyage.

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    1. Armchair travel is fun, isn’t it. We might have to compile the Reading Roadtrip for Canada & Australia – I can’t say I’ve ever seen one. That might be an idea for another Friendly Friday project 😉

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    1. Was this the Port Alberni ferry that serves Barkley Sound & the Broken Islands? If so, then you might have stopped off Ucluelet too. The area is a nature lovers delight.

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  6. Road trip fanatic here. In Australia, this is what we do. I am going to join in on this one. Fancy there being so many books on road trips – makes me think we should combine our travel blog posts into a book.


      1. I thought road trains was a typo but then I looked it up. OMG I’ve never seen something like that! I can just imagine what it’s like to overtake. In BC they have logging trucks on the mountain hi-ways, and those are long (and scary) enough for me.

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