Model Shoot

Say Model Shoot and you probably think of fashion photography. Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Chanel. But model shoots go beyond fashion. Amateur enthusiasts do it for artistic photos with creative lighting and effect. Travel photographers do it to add local interest to location shots.

When hubby and I travel we like to hire local guides for private walking tours. A knowledgeable guide is a given but we also like having guides who are themselves photographers. There are several advantages to this. They know where to go for good photography, know the best light by time of day and have a sense of the people there, along with their amenability to being shot. They might even know someone willing to model in costume or local dress.

Such was the case with our Saigon shoot. Our guide Reggie (who I introduced in Boys & Bikes) had a friend who agreed to model in an รกo dร i. Reggie scouted the location, helped with lights and made valuable suggestions on composition.

Here’s a short gallery with more shots from that session.


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