Weird and Wonderful KFC

Stepping back from the madness & mayhem in world news, here is something weird & wonderful.

KFC … Kentucky Fried Chicken … is releasing a gaming console with a built-in “chicken chamber” to keep your chicken warm while you play video games.

… because nobody loves their KFC like a gamer.

KFConsole heats up fried chicken. KFC

According to this Business Insider article:

KFC teamed up with Cooler Master to create the “KFConsole,” the chicken chain said in a statement on Tuesday. It is essentially a high-end gaming PC with components made by Intel, Asus, and Seagate.

It’s a powerful machine: KFC says it can run games at 4K resolution at 240 frames per second ā€” more than the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X can manage. It can also run virtual-reality games, according to KFC and Cooler Master’s website.

The bucket-like console has a cooling system that transfers the heat produced by the components to the chicken chamber, helping to keep the hardware cool and the “finger lickin’ good” chicken warm.

“KFC has created a console that’s more powerful than the PS5 and has a built-in ‘chicken chamber’ to keep your meal warm.” Kate Duffy. Business Insider. December 23, 2020

Talk about a company diversifying its product line. This is only the latest of odd-ball additions. Earlier in the summer KFC collaborated with footwear company Crocs. Inc. to produce a limited run of Chicken Fried Croc clogs. Surprising everyone including I think, KFC, the shoes sold out within 30 minutes of their release.

I love a company with a sense of adventure but I must admit that I prefer my KFC products to be in the edible category. Like their Portuguese Egg Tarts, which I could enjoy in Singapore but not here in Canada. For some reason, KFC doesn’t release its edible oddities here.

Ah well. I suppose I’ll make do. I wonder if they’ll also release a KFC Air Fryer? It’d keep my chicken warm AND CRISPY while I play video games šŸ™‚

Toronto, Canada. January 2021


    1. At KFC they’re called Portuguese tarts but they taste closer to the Macau-style versions which are less sweet. Here in Toronto, we can get authentic Portuguese tarts in Little Portugal and lighter Chinese versions (called ‘dan’ tarts) in Chinatown. My husband and I disagree on which is better. I am right, of course šŸ™‚

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