Nothing More to Say Today

I don’t normally talk politics here. I try to keep it light and positive. But after seeing what happened in the US I am shell shocked.

World leaders have unilaterally condemned the actions by Trump and his insurgents in storming the Capitol. Industry and technology leaders have joined politicians, pundits, journalists and media influencers in renouncing Trump. It’s about time.

This TIME article captures World Reactions: Assault on Democracy.’ How the World Responded to a Pro-Trump Mob Storming the U.S. Capitol

Light and positive posts just don’t seem right. I have nothing more to say today.


  1. Appalling scenes and the worst of it is that they were triggered by someone in a position of power totally abusing that power to satisfy his own vanity. I sense he loved seeing ‘his people’ fight on his behalf, and the video of him condemning them (too little, too late) was very obviously forced out of him and scripted. I feel for my American friends 😦

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      1. I know one otherwise very kind and sensible person who voted for him in both elections. The first time I half-understood how she might do so but after four years of him I just couldn’t understand that she would do so again.


  2. We’ve known Trump was a nutcase from the beginning but I’m still amazed each time we can hear what these people have to say. His mob. The QAnon squad. Jake Angeli, that joke. The flags of the Confederate States… How simple-minded can you be to follow these sheep to penetrate the Capitol, take a selfie, break a few things on the way, and yell some weird catchphrase. Dumb & Dumber…

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    1. It’s a parody made real. I’ve seen these scenes before but it was on screen with Hollywood actors and special effects. A some point Jack Ryan or Charles Xavier saves the day.

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  3. In a way, this was bound to happen. I thought the extreme elements had kept a lid on it for a while now, so was expecting them to burst out at some point. It is lucky that they don’t live in an authoritarian regime, or else there would have been more bloodshed. They are so foolish. I suppose we always will have these very extreme people who do not think through their actions. Meanwhile the man who incited them stands behind bullet proof glass.
    A narcissist of the highest order – the irony is clear.
    He should be charged with treason.

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