Ramblings from a Covid Brain Fog

I guess it was inevitable.

According to this site, as of April 25, 2023, 20:02 GMT there have been 686,622,861 cases of COVID infections world-wide.

According to my home test kit, I am case# 686,622,862.

I wonder how that works. Is there a little transmitter in my test cassette that beams up positive test results to a great COVID counter in the sky? If I had any energy maybe I’d take it apart to examine. But no. Not really. I don’t. Have energy.

According to this site common Covid symptoms are

Symptoms #1. Cough and #2. Sore Throat are symptoms I’ve had in spades with #3. Extreme Fatigue in (spades times 2)2. I may have had other symptoms but was too tired to recognize. I think I slept 40 out of 48 hours in the first two days.

On the third day, I noticed that my breakfast eggs tasted off. They tasted fishy. As if the chickens had been fed mackerel with a side order of heavy metal. I wonder if #10. Loss of sense of smell or taste could also be described as a perversion of taste or smell? In any event, I have eggs in the fridge which I have no intention of ever eating. Which is problematic, given the empty state of my pantry.

According to the website of my local co-op, they offer an online grocery service. DELIVERY FROM STORE TO MY DOOR. Just what I need. If only my brain fog allowed me to figure it out.

Slide Left to Follow my Confusion

The page links don’t work and when they do, the pages don’t allow me to do what they say they should. Then there’s the whole interpretation of Store-to-Door delivery. It is actually a Store-to-Car-Door delivery when my car is located in the store’s parking lot. Any other site would call this Buy-Online-Pick-Up-in-Store.

But maybe Covid is making me irritable. Is that Symptom#14? I notice that somethings irritate me more than they should. Like Netflix’s $2.5B investment in South Korean content. I am not knocking Korean content. I like the occasional Korean dramedy and enjoyed Attorney Woo as much as everyone else in my family. But someone-who-shall-remain-nameless has been watching more Korean shows under my account and my channel is now clogged with Korean recommendations. Has anyone ever noticed a correlation between Symptom#5’s Headache intensity and the constant noise of Korean melodrama? It exists.

So far, I’ve had the good fortune of not experiencing Symptom#13 Loss of Appetite and #14 Nausea and Vomiting. A documentary on Jellied Eels did its best to provoke #13 but didn’t go so far as cause #14. According to the film Jellied Eels are not as common in London since the River Thames cleaned up. Does that mean Jellied Eels from a polluted Thames were more popular? Ugh. Maybe #14 isn’t too far off.

According to this site, it takes two weeks for mild Covid symptoms to go away. Good news: I’m almost halfway through. Bad news: I’m only halfway through.


    1. One can only laugh.

      I am loving the West Coast heat wave. Yesterday I was basking in the sun with my mile-wide sun hat and dark glasses. 25C is my kind of weather. At 30C I’ll retreat into the air=con.


  1. Oh, Sandy! I’m sorry that the dratted Covid virus finally caught you! It’s no fun, for sure. My husband and I both got bit back in January and though it was considered a “mild” case, it was the worst I’ve felt in a long time, especially the fatigue. And despite all the boosters. The grocery “delivery” to your car door is a bit ridiculous. If I lived closer to Toronto, I would have gladly made a grocery run for you!!


    1. Terrie – that’s so sweet of you to offer a grocery run. To clarify though, I’m far away from Toronto … 2700 miles East and a ferry ride ๐Ÿ˜‰ The bug is awful, isn’t it. I’m glad I had a mild case and feel sorry for all those who suffered the really bad bouts. I’m feeling much better now … enough to salivate on the many Cinco de Maya dishes I’m reading including yours!

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        1. My home base is Toronto but we escape to Vancouver Island in the summer. The island is on the Pacific, just north of Washington state.
          Fun fact: I worked for a little while in RTP, NC a while back. It’s fun when I sometimes recognize store names/brands in your posts ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Your writing at least hasn’t been affected by your fatigue, this post is still written in such an engaging way. I hope you get better soon -just remember to really rest. (Fun fact: over 2 years after getting Covid, my smell & taste abilities are still off. I know that metal flavour you’re talking about all too well… Hope yours only lasts two weeks.) Good luck!


    1. Two years! Amanda says her sense of taste/smell have been off for six weeks and I thought that was bad. I feel guilty now for having a pity party. I’m good! Really, I am! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Sorry to hear that Covid finally caught up with you. I hope you get better soon. I had a pretty mild case though I still have still have pain in my knuckles, which I guess is not uncommon. Go figure. I know people who have experienced taste and smell loss or change and I think that would be far worse. Take care.

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  4. Oh dear, I’m sorry it finally got you and that you’re struggling with the tiredness in particular ๐Ÿค— But I had to laugh at some of this, such as your struggles with the food shopping ‘delivery’ and comments about symptoms #13 and #14, not to mention the jellied eels! I do hope you feel better soon Sx

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    1. I can’t think of a worse time to be sick than at Christmas. My bout is no worse than a bad cold. It’s better than it could be, for which I’m grateful. Thanks for stopping by Tanja.

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    1. Many a time I have been thankful for the proximity and privacy of my own bathroom. Have you ever been so miserable that you cheer yourself up by thinking of worse places you could be?
      Thanks Brian.

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  5. Eventually there is a Covid reckoning for most of us. Hopefully by now the variant will only give you fairly mild symptoms. My version of Covid last year never resulted in a sore throat at all which is weird because that is usually the first thing to present when I get a viral infection. I did get weird muscle cramps and terrible nasal congestion and high fevers. I didn’t lose the sense of smell and taste although the flu that I had six or seven weeks ago seems to have done just that and hasn’t yet returned. (negative testing for Covid) Are they still vaccinating for Covid over your way? Fifth shots or fourth boosters are offered here.
    Consumer plenty of fluids for you. Myself, I developed a penchant for mango smoothies during my Covid convalescence. Take care.

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    1. We’re still getting boosters and it’s been effective is holding off infection for the last 3 years. That’s why I’m such a wuss now.
      You haven’t tasted or smelled for the last six weeks! I feel for you.


      1. I can sort of taste really spicy things and curries which I don’t normally eat. It has been an adventure in adding more spice to my food, although the M.o.t.h. can’t stomach spicy foods.

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  6. Oh wow you got the fish flavour too. โ€œChicken with a side order of Mackerelโ€ what a great description. I still canโ€™t eat salmon or any fish cooked with the skin on since Covid. Eew repulsive!

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