Changing Seasons: July

Ju-Lyn of Touring my Backyard and Brian of Bushboy’s World host a monthly project called The Changing Seasons where bloggers around the world share their thoughts and feelings about the month just past.

In my last Changing Seasons: June post I talked about the curious lack of bear sightings in the neighborhood. All that changed in July when a miscreant bear got together with his gang and trained them on the finer points of B&E. Ever since, bears have been opening car doors of parked vehicles looking for food.

In nearby Tofino, this story made the news when one bear opened the car door and was locked inside. Having gotten in, the door closed behind him and he wasn’t able to get out. Suffice to say he made quite a mess. As the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service (BCCOS) says

The Tofino bear or his Ucluelet bro, made the rounds in my backyard when he opened my neighbor’s car in the middle of the night. There was no food in the car, so after a good sniff the bear went away leaving only a dirty paw print behind.

A little thing to mention … my neighbor’s car was parked ten meters away from my front door. We are seriously thinking of installing a door camera.

If you’re curious on how a bear opens a car door, this video will educate.

Otherwise, July was a busy month.

We had our first crab dinner for the year

Embarked on a new water sport

Celebrated my father’s Ninety & Spritely birthday, where he remembered his favorite motor bikes and automobiles.

In another post, I’ll share more about these highlights. In particular, I hope to eventually have pictures from our kayak outings … assuming that I learn how to paddle and take pictures at the same time!


  1. Oh my goodness! them bears …. so exciting & frightful! I hope you never have one opening your car door!

    Hurray on your new sport! looking forward to more views of you & your kayak.

    Look at them crabs! They have become very expensive in Singapore – shortage, I hear. Are these a summer food for you?

    Happy birthday to your Dad!


    1. We’ve learned to keep our car doors locked!

      Dungeness crabs are caught nearby. We bought ours from a fisherman – while they were scrambling to get back in the water πŸ™‚ It is a summer treat but far too rich. so only an occasional treat. Hubby keeps hoping I’ll try making Singaporean style Chili Crab next time.


  2. Bears are a force to be reckoned with. Always wise to be careful in their territory. Good luck with the kayaking. I used to enjoy it but found it didn’t agree with my back. Barkley Sound is a great place to have a kayak though.

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  3. You have been busy but then you must make the most of your July. I am envious of the kayaks. I hoped to take up kayaking in my retirement and even borrowed my brother-in-laws kayak. It was really stable but so heavy the Moth and I couldn’t and didn’t want to lift it up on the car roofracks any longer. I had hoped to kayak around our lake but as there is only a small area for public paddlecraft, it soon became boring.
    On the bears, aren’t they clever things! In watching the video, my mind stupidly expected the bear to close the door after he had stuck his head inside!


    1. I have to thank my hubby for all the research and investigation in selecting our kayaks. Depending on size & purpose, kayaks can be quite light or heavy. We have a 12 footer which is 19kg, nothing for me to lift single-handedly but easy for Luc & I. It is a chore to load the kayaks & tie them down on the car but after the first 20 times, we’ve gotten better πŸ™‚

      Those bears are something. I was trying to find the video of bear who went through a parking lot, methodically trying to open each car door. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it again. If you’d like to see a bear politely holding back a door, after breaking it down, have a look here


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