FFC: Framing in Photography

In Sarah’s Friendly Friday Challenge the topic is Framing. As Sarah says, framing is a compositional technique to enhance a photo. In Sarah’s post and viewer comments, there are great examples of creative framing in landscapes, buildings and other scenic views. For something a little different, I’ll illustrate my framing technique with a portrait.

This is the host of a party during our stay in Cuba. He welcomed us into his back-yard where he played music with friends and invited us to eat food cooked in his outdoor kitchen. In this photo, he is framed by musical instruments in the band.

Did you notice the one-string guitar? In Cuba, simple necessities are often in short supply and items like guitar strings are a rare commodity. This doesn’t stop the music. With natural born talent, a single string guitar can still make wonderful music.

As I was looking through my archives, I found this video. I apologise in advance for its shaky camera movements. It was early days in my video making and unlike these troubadours, I had no natural born talent 😉 Luckily, the audio worked just as well without my guidance.

I hope you enjoy this splash of Cuban culture. I certainly enjoyed revisiting my evening with these warm and gracious people.

Photos & video were taken in Cuba, 2018.


    1. It’s on my bucket list to go back too. A lot of Cuba reminded me of Jamaica .. which shouldn’t be surprising since it’s a shot across the water 🙂


        1. This happened to me too when I changed my domain name. I had to update my Profile settings and as well, fix pingback links in Comments that referred to my old domain name.


    1. I was trying to capture the mood with just pictures & it was just happenstance that I found the videos too. Thanks for providing me with the excuse to ‘discover’ it 🙂

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