Travel Photos – Day 3 & 4

Today is my second post for the 10 Day Travel Photo Challenge from my Friendly Friday co-host Amanda. In this post I will feature people from distant places.

As well, since it fits nicely, I’m also tagging it for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: People Caught Unaware.

Travel Photo – Day 3

Dotonbori in Osaka, Japan is famous for it’s night life and lights. Originally it was a theatre district and like theatre districts everywhere, a myriad of restaurants and entertainment venues sprung up around it. Add to that a glittery array of neon lights and billboards, the most famous being the Glico running man and you have a destination spot for revelers and fun-seekers alike. At some point the entertainment spilled out into the streets and at night-time the alleyways are packed with people enjoying live jazz, impromptu line dances and traditional Japanese music.

Street performers in Dotonbori district in Osaka, Japan
‘Face in the Crowd’ in Osaka, Japan

Travel Photo – Day 4

These men were very focused on a dance performed in the street with live taiko drums in the background. Have you ever heard Japanese taiko? Can you imagine what it sounds like up close? Play this audio clip for a sample.

Street performers in Dotonbori night market in Osaka, Japan

By the way, if you are wearing headphones, I do suggest turning down the volume.

Oh! You didn’t read this before listening? Consider yourself tapped as People Caught Unaware! 🤣

December 2020


  1. Loved the photos and especially loved the way the sound clip played at the same time as the slide show – you’ve given me an idea for my Spanish course blog (although it will probably be long while before it gets published – I’m working on the 3rd edition of the textbooks right now and it’s taking forever!)


    1. Glad if I sparked ideas. I would have loved it if the audio clip was tied to the slideshow but actually it runs independently. Its just the slideshow that’s on automatic loop. Thanks for visiting and exploring the links!


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