Friendly Friday: Unusual

Amanda’s given us a tough challenge this week. Her Friendly Friday Challenge is to post something Unusual. It’s a tough one because she’s asking us to share photos with digital flaws. I normally delete bad shots pretty quickly. But then I remembered some ‘experimental’ shots I did a while back.

The experiment was to shoot directly into the light and get high contrast images. The issue with shooting into the sun is that it’s really tough to see – my captures were a bit of hit and miss. Then there was a problem with lens flare and a little white dot which flawed a whole series of shots.

Salvaging the photos was relatively easy. Black & white conversions work well for hi-contrast images and cropping can move the white dot out of frame.

Sometimes cropping isn’t the answer and removing the white dot with Lightroom’s spot remover is a simple option.

Alternatively, when all else fails but you really like the composition of the shot – you leave the imperfections alone and make it part of the image.

Runner in the Parc de Sceaux

My thanks to Amanda for this week’s challenge … and for providing an excuse to re-post the Runner, one of my favorite shots of Paris.

Photos taken in Parc de Sceaux in Paris, France. 2018


  1. Yes indeed these are great shots and excellent tips on how to salvage photos with defects or make the defect work for you. This challenge could be interpreted many ways so I will be interested to see if all readers interpreted it the same way.

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    1. To be fair, Amanda doesn’t ask for ONLY photo gaffs. Flying UFOs and anything else unusuàl work too 😉 I look forward to seeing your eventual interpretation Sheree!

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