Abandoned but not forgotten

If you ask for directions through the village you might hear something like this.

“Right by Raven Lady”

“Opposite Jiggers”

“Past Murray’s and Evelyn May”

These aren’t street names. They are landmarks along the main strip through town. It’s easy enough to spot the business spots. Raven Lady sells fabulous oysters, Jiggers has the best fish & chips  and Murray’s the local convenience store. Spotting  Evelyn May requires a more discerning eye.

The Evelyn May was a working fish boat built in 1940. She started life in Half Moon Bay on the Sunshine Coast of B.C., made it down to Vancouver then jumped the Strait of Georgia in to Bamfield on Vancouver Island.  In 2001 she was was found abandoned and dry berthed in Ucluelet.

Today the old lady rests with other rusting artifacts, including what may or may not be a decommissioned torpedo.  She is one of an inventory of oddities housed by The Wreckage, a quirky shop selling coffee, kitchen kitsch and vinyl records.

Today’s post comes to you compliments of the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: ABANDONED

Ucluelet, Vancouver Island. July 2019


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