Insta-summary of Korean Cooking

I am not an iPhone or Instagram user and I was in the minority in my cooking class.

On the last day when everyone was taking pictures and airdropping between iPhones, me and my Android was cleaning up my workstation.

Luckily, our teacher Chef Han is an Instagramer and she posted a nice story featuring the highlights of our six week session. She took much better pictures than I did and added a fun musical touch.

While I’m still making Korean dishes at home, I’ve moved on to my next culinary adventure.

More to come in future posts!


  1. Have you seen the series Somebody Feed Phil, on Netflix? It’s a good one that combines food and travel in a lively, fun way. Phil has filmed episodes all over the world. I can’t remember if he’s been in South Korea.


    1. I have seen. He has such an expressive face, he’s fun to watch. Did you know that he’s the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond? After watching him in Feed Phil, I recognize his influence 😉

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