Changing Seasons: September

September is the time of year when the sunny hues of summer give way to the subdued colors of fall. It’s when crazy packed days become lazier and more laid back. When shorts and flip flops give way to sweaters and socks. There are still brilliant days, when skies are an endless blue and their intensity is almost blinding. But they are less predictable and when they do occur, we rush out and relish them because this day may be the last day of summer.

In the past few weeks, I’ve banished thoughts of imminent October and gorged on locally sourced peaches, plums and tomatoes. I’ve cranked up the BBQ and enjoyed perfectly imperfect (.. some would say burnt) chicken and deliciously grilled oysters. I’ve had great meals with new friends and outstanding ones at newly discovered restaurants.

I’ve learnt how to kayak, adequately if not efficiently and taken in some wonderful views in the process. I now know where to look for perching eagles, playful otters and rowdy gangs of harbor seals crowding the dock. I’ve picked up my camera and clicked a few photos.

I went to the hatchery where the salmon were running with hopes of seeing bears feeding in their natural habitat. But it’s early yet and the bears and fish were not all there.

Most of all, I’ve seen some wonderful sunsets. This is Long Beach on a misty evening with just enough light to cast a pink glow on the sand and sky. It was an ethereal sight and if I hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have believed the colors.

But it was real.

Long Beach, Tofino

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Also for this month, Donna from Retirement Reflections asks about our September with thoughts about Peace and Home.


        1. Nothing to complain about. So much is going on elsewhere (hurricanes, storms, war etc) it’s almost a guilty pleasure. I’m about to start some new projects so it good to have some time on my hands. And you Sarah? I see you’re busy with different challenges, good for you!

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          1. Yes, and travelling more again πŸ™‚ I guest-hosted the Public Art challenge for Marsha which was fun but almost clashed with our short trip to Sofia – it confirmed my belief that hosting challenges and travelling aren’t a comfortable mix! Off to Nepal in a few weeks time πŸ™‚

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