Changing Seasons: August

I blame it on the chicken.

We’d bought fried chicken the night before. It’d been a long day on the water. We were hungry and there was nothing to eat at home. So we stopped at the co-op deli, bought a bag of fried chicken and brought it home for dinner.

I remember thinking “Hmm, it sure smells good.”

Later that night a bear had the same thought.

Our neighbor’s camera caught the rascal sniffing out the cars in the car port. Probably the same bear that had checked the cars last month. This time he was inspecting our car. Luckily we’d locked all the doors. That didn’t stop him from walking around the car and peering through the windows. No chicken for you buddy!


  1. So you enjoyed the chicken and the bear didn’t so it’s all good! Ah those little precautions one has to take depending on where you live. All part of life’s great pageant!

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    1. It’s not as scary as it seems. Normally, the bears are very skittish around people, will avoid them and run away if they see them. Although bears have literally been at my door, I’ve never actually been up close to one.

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    1. Within in my immediate area there’ve been a issues where bears get into the autos & accidentally get locked in, then they do enormous damage. In the province, they’ve been reports of bears approaching joggers on trails or a woman waiting at a bus stop.

      In all these cases, the bears became habituated to humans through easy access to unsecured garbage. The unfortunate encounters occur when bears are killed because they’ve become too habituated. They become aggressive about guarding their food source and a danger to humans. That’s when BC Conservation Officers trap the bears and either re-locate them, or more likely euthanize them.

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    1. I hadn’t thought of that. There wasn’t a scratch.The bear has done terrible damage inside the car (trying to find food in the seats etc) but there’s been no reports of him damaging the outside. Clever AND considerate ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’ll tell him that you’d like to see his nose print next time.


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