A Recap and More

If you need a little distraction, there’s still a few more days left for the current Friendly Friday Challenge.

Complete the thought “What was the last good …” thing that happened to you and share it in a post.

For inspiration, here are a few good things from other bloggers.

Lingo in Transit shared her last good ragu, followed by a book and a toe-tappy retro song

Tanja had good times with Pizza, board games, a book, film and an excellent trip to Berlin

Aimer Boyz loved the deliciously named PC Black Label Salted Caramel ice cream

Donna from Retirement Reflections treated herself to one (maybe more?) peanut butter cup(s) and the movie “Love Hard with Nina Dobrev with no vampires.

If romance-without-vampires is not your style … Neil from Yeah Another Blogger recommends the Netflix series “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” and Snow from The Snow Melts Somewhere recommends “Inventing Anna”

Manja’s Meximexcessive said that her last good dish was a magnificently weird but wonderfully delicious risotto. She enjoyed the Italian show – My Brilliant Friend (L’amica geniale)- and shared some seriously funny cartoons and jokes.

My wonderful co-host Amanda shared two thought-provoking quotes which talked about living life well, from two very different points of view.

Brian, the Bushboy shared his last good sandwich along with a bit of musical Cream on the side

Fresh from her trip, Sarah from Travel with Me shared photos from her recent holiday in Costa Rica along with reading and viewing recommendations.

In addition, here are some news articles that brightened my day.

New baby Orca sighted in J pod family

A new born baby Orca was spotted with the resident killer whale population near Canada’s west coast. The J pod family of orcas living close to San Juan Island and Vancouver Island are critically endangered with numbers that have fallen dramatically in the last few years.

Pen pals bridge generational gap

Six-year-old Carter Nobrega started writing to retired school teacher Marilyn McNamara as part of church activity to connect with the older community. One year later they regularly exchange letters, proving that pen pal friendships span time and distance.

Last good laugh on BBC

… and finally, a good laugh from one man’s way of reducing unnecessary plastic.

Feeling inspired yet? Share the joy! This Friendly Friday Challenge topic is good until Thursday, March 10, after which a new challenge will be issued by guest host, Sofia from Photografias.


    1. If we are trading secrets … I seem to recall doing something vaguely like that guy in the video. Back in my student days when I had to hand-carry my groceries in my back-pack & coat pockets. I never ever body packed a pineapple though.


  1. I have seen that video before but didn’t remember it so well. I just love the worn, sceptical and then incredulous, expression of disbelief and disdain from the checkout operator. Priceless.


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