Way to Go

Today’s post is based on articles read in news and social media and inspired by Linda G. Hill’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS) : “Way to go”

Way to go, Florida Governor for bull-dogging high school students for wearing masks and telling them to stop the ‘Covid theater’. Thank you for demonstrating that leadership by bullyism afflict and empower politicians everywhere.

WAY TO GO, the teenagers who continued to wear their masks, even as their colleagues removed theirs’ and adults who should have known better, smirked at the Governor’s reprimand. Good for you, young men and woman, for sticking to your principles in the face of overt aggression.

Way to go, 28-year-old man who in two hours assaulted seven women in downtown Manhattan. Women who had no defining features except for being Asian. Since all of them were pushed, elbowed and punched in the face, good for you in choosing people who were smaller, shorter and weaker than you. For despite your probable mental health issue, you are male and young and strong; you are empowered by knowing that might is always right.

WAY TO GO, guards at the library who identified the aggressor and alerted the police, for even if he was quiet, ‘kept to himself and did not cause trouble,’ you chose to intercede and act on the moral imperative to do what is right.

Way to go, family friend in America who said Russia is going to invade Ukraine, and China is going to invade Taiwan and he doesn’t care because he is 5,000 miles away and safe in a cocoon of fast food, cable and music videos; for no one cares that a war mongering maniac controls nuclear missiles that can dismantle a nation 500 or 5,000 miles away.

WAY TO GO, Winnipeg artist who painted sunflowers in the snow, for sunflowers were sown on the fields of Pervomysk in 1996 when Ukraine, Russia and the United States disarmed the third largest nuclear base in the world; for sunflowers today are symbols of solidarity inspired by the Ukrainian woman who faced a Russian invader and said “Take these seeds so sunflowers grow when you die here.”


  1. Hi, Sandy – The clips that you’ve shared here are excellent reminders of the goodness and bravery admist the horror and stupidity. I also referred to the Manitobe Sunflowers in the Snow in an upcoming post. Great minds think alike! 😀

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