Bloganuary: What Dream Makes You Strong?

I’ve fallen off the Bloganuary bandwagon. I’ve been opting out because I’ve found many of the prompts uninspiring. If it’s boring for me to write then I figure it’ll be boring for you to read.

I’ve noticed something else too. Lately, I’ve been having trouble reading the prompts. Let’s call it selective dyslexia, where words are out of order and prompts from different days get combined. Does it matter? Not here. My blog. My rules.

My Bloganuary prompt for today is: What dream makes you strong?

The video below has been making the news in Toronto.

It was taken last Monday when we were in a major snow storm. I talked about it in my post where I wished for Superpowers to blow the snow away. Those of us who’d read the news and seen the weather advisory, stayed at home and off the roads. The weather was so bad that schools, highways and businesses were closed.

However, some people had desperate needs that made them strong enough to brave the elements. What need do you ask? Lunch! Look at this man’s reaction to finding his favorite restaurant closed due to the storm.

I can personally attest to the quality of this Jamaican restaurant Nicey’s Eatery. They have an outstanding selection of island food. Jerk chicken, Ackee & Saltfish, Stewed Peas and the best Curry Goat in the city. It is delicious, authentic Jamaican food.

I can see this man imagining his plate piled high with a hot and spicy stew, with a side of coleslaw and another side of sweet fried plantain, all washed down with a bottle of Ting (grapefruit soda.) Such a meal would be worth struggling through the snow. Such a meal would make anyone strong!


    1. Finns are hardy stock! In defense of Toronto’s 6.7 milliion population, 47% are people who were not born and bred to the Canadian winters. Many of us came here thinking it was the tropical southern region of Canada – which it is – just not southernly enough ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. Normally it’s not a problem. But last week’s snow fell faster than the trucks could clear it. There were some horror stories of people trapped in the cars for 8 hours. What a nightmare. This blizzard was a record breaker, so hopefully we wont see another one this year, knock on wood!

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    1. This is my Go-To place whenever I’m in the mood for home cooking that’s not made by me. I go there for their Jamaican style Curry Goat with Rice ‘n Peas and my husband (who is not Jamaican) loves the Ackee & Saltfish. Have you ever had Jamaican food Neil? Jerk Chicken seems like it’s all over, so maybe you’ve tried that?

      Jerk originated in Jamaica and referred to how the pit master had to move the seasoned pieces of meat around the smokey BBQ pit. It used to be a speciality in one particular area of the island and I remember family holidays when we’d specifically go there for the jerk pork straight off the bbq. Hmm. Although jerk anything is available everywhere now, nothing compares to that ๐Ÿ™‚

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