Bloganuary: Superpower

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What Superpower would you like to have?

Last night I looked at the prompt and started thinking about all the superpowers I could wish for.

Telepathy? But that’d mean knowing what people think. I’m already nervous about what I think people are thinking. How would knowing what they think be any better?

Teleportation? To travel without having to travel! That would be a good skill. But suppose I traveled into brick wall or worse, transported myself into a place that wasn’t there anymore. I remember being in Beijing when I’d drive pass a hutong in the morning and on the way home, see the entire neighborhood demolished.

Transmutation? To take another form in the blink of an eye! Like a spider on the wall. Or a ferocious Grizzly bear. But wait a minute. The laws of nature state that mass remains constant over time. So, I would transmute into a humongous spider or a puny little bear. That’s not good.

At this point I think I fell asleep. It was warm and cozy in my bed and it was just starting to snow. Falling snow looks so pretty at night.

This morning I woke up and looked out the window. 40 cm (15 inches) of snow. Blizzard warning in effect. Highways closed. Extreme cold alert.

I know what superpower I’d like to have.

Elemental Teleportation! To make all this snow disappear.

What about you? Is there a superpower that you would love to have?

More importantly, do you want some snow? I have some cheap, it’s sitting on my driveway. You just have to haul it away.


  1. Tssk..! This gave me giggles – you don’t seem too keen on these prompts, falling asleep and all, and yet you soldier on, Sandy! πŸ™‚ But I know what superpower you have: she thinks of snow, and it snows!
    Anyway, no thanks, I definitely don’t want any!


  2. You can keep the snow thanks. And you think -20 isn’t too cold?!! I think minus anything is cold πŸ₯ΆπŸ₯Ά As to a superpower, I reckon flying would be hard to beat – a short flit to the shops, a longer one to a foreign city or simply (at the moment) somewhere warm!


    1. Minus 20C is cold but Toronto’s average January temperature is -7C. Virtually tropic πŸ˜‰ Today for instance, it’s sunny and -9C but feels like -16C. Much better than Edmonton which is -21C but feels like -31C. BTW the difference between actual and ‘feels like’ temperature, is wind chill. I’m not sure if that distinction is made in UK. I didtn’t know about it until I lived here.

      The superpower to Fly is certainly my favorite.


        1. Windchill makes a Huge difference. Downtown we also have skyscrapers which create a wind tunnel effect. Do you have this? Not only do we get the additional -10 C wind chill but we get swept off our feet on icy pavements too. Such fun!

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    1. Winter is not my favorite season. It’s not so much the cold as in Toronto, it rarely goes below -20C. But things like snow (which can be fun) and ice (which never is) are bummers to clear.
      Having said that, I’d much rather a cold day in Canada than a hot & humid day in the tropics.

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  3. I do! I’d need two truckloads, because the first would evaporate in an hour or so. We have had snow exactly once, for half a day, in the last eight years here in Tuscany. It was gone by 1 pm. Do I understand it right? People need to shovel the highway themselves because nobody else is doing it?

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    1. Not quite. The city has a fleet of massive snow clearing trucks. But so much snow fell in a short time that the trucks can’t clear it quick enough. Then there’s the problem of people having cars without snow tires or not knowing how to drive in snow. The cars slide on the road & cause accidents, drive into snow banks that they can’t get out off. For people shovelling on the hiway it’s more likely the case that they need to push snow aside so their wheels can stop spinning & they can get the car going again.

      Ah, the pleasures of winter!

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