Bloganuary: Ideal Day

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What does your ideal day look like?

An ideal day in the city is needing an ingredient and being able to buy it without having to plan three weeks in advance and driving three hours to get it and even then, maybe not.

An ideal day on the island is walking the trail and hearing the approaching screech of a bald ealge and looking up to see it fly over you, near enough to see its tail feathers and broad wingspan and wonder what it’d be like to see the world from its perspective.

An ideal day in the city is taking a class in an old university where the halls are older than you and the worn and cold stone feels warm with the touch of discourse and learning and knowledge. Where you follow in the footsteps of your grown children and you wonder how similar or different your student days were to the younger adults now walking across the common.

An ideal day on the island is walking on the beach where the fog obscures the ocean except for the occasional patches of sunlight which reveal people hiding in the mist.

An ideal day in the city is going to a concert in Old Massey Hall where the seats are narrow and your knees prod the chair-back of the person in front of you but you hear the chords of Chris Botti’s horn tear through your tension and the day’s stress and anxiety just fall away.

An ideal day on the island is following the sound of the surf and smelling the ocean, knowing that it is right ahead of you and soon you’ll see the sea merge with the sky and the waves crest the sand.


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