Bloganuary: What Makes You Laugh

The WordPress team launched a new challenge this year. Each and every day during the month of January, they’re posting a writing prompt. The prompts are either a question or a directive, to serve as inspiration for a new blog post.

Naturally, they want to promote good & daily blogging habits. Naturally, like daily exercise & healthy eating, I’m no good at it. I’m already seven days late and I consoled myself with the last of the Christmas biscuits.

Nonetheless, I signed up and launched myself into the confusing space of the Bloganuary community website. I’m not sure what to make of it. I gather it’s a community blog where everyone can post or rather, everyone can comment using the WP editor. I dunno. I’ll figure it out later.

Anyways, today’s prompt is “What Makes You Laugh”

What made me laugh, was trying to spell Bloganuary. Blogunery. Blog-u-anu-nerry. Blog-an-new-neri-eri-iy. It’s a special kind of wickedness to invent such a name. I felt like I was getting a blog-aneuriary-sym. Luckily, I found Marsha’s post.

Unexpected and bizarre situations make me laugh.

Videos like this one.

and more recently, I found this hilarious … but only because I don’t normally watch James Corden.

So that’s it. My first Bloganuary post. There are twenty-four prompts to go. Maybe I’ll make a few but no guarantee. Afterall, I still have the last of the Christmas chocolates.


    1. Definitely bizarre and unexpected. I bet dollars to donuts that this is an oranutan man. Such a classic \pose – one hand on the steering wheel, the other on the door frame, lounging back to make room for his paunch, The only thing missing is a smoking cigar and a Panama hat!

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    1. Ha Ha! Blogonuary. It’d would be an Australian that comes up with that. On my first trip to Sydney, someone explained to me that Aussies like to change names by adding O’s or I’s. At the time I introduced myself as Sandra but that didn’t last 🙂

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