Stop Motion # 2: Final Film

In Week 6 of our Stop Motion course, we had to come up with ideas for our final film. My immediate thought was to animate a story told to me, about a bear encounter in the woods. I’d already written it up and sketched out the scenes when I re-read the instructions. Ooops. The film had to have a theme relevant to the ‘Voice of Art.’ Try as I might, I couldn’t force fit my bear story into a Voice of Art theme.

I had another idea about making chicken soup. Culinary Arts. Get it?! No, even I couldn’t convince myself about the connection.

Voice. Voice. Vooiii-che. Va-Va-O-eye-che-sh.

I was having trouble getting my head around a concept.

Inspiration came during a class exercise. Our guest teacher, a spoken word artist, had the idea that storytelling could be loosened by vocal warm-ups. I wasn’t convinced. It was early in the morning on my side of the zoom call and I was only one cup into the three coffees needed to wake me up.

As I grunted through the exercises, it occurred to me that my voice wasn’t pleasant to hear. My unpractised vocal cords sounded gruff and the sounds slipping out were rough and raw.

What is this voice? I wondered. Inspiration hit me like a caffeine jolt.

Voice is the transformation of thought and ideas.

Voice is thought given form.

Art is creative thought given form.

I started sketching.

For my stop-motion medium, I chose paper cut-outs. I can’t draw very well and coloring by hand is tedious work … and did I tell you about the 86,400 pictures needed for one minute of film? Paper was easier. Or so I thought. In my next post, I’ll talk a bit more about the process and pitfalls in making stop-motion.

In the meantime, my final film. The idea was to show creative thought evolving into different art forms. It showcased creativity in the form of music, dance, filmography and literary arts. The title was the ‘Voice of Art.’ Heh. Not so creative, I know. I showcase creativity. Doesn’t mean I have it 😉

I hope you enjoy the film!


  1. Younger Child & I thoroughly enjoyed watching your film – we were very inspired by the message.

    I particularly love the dancing people, and the expression on the 3rd person’s face.

    Liked by 1 person

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