Friendly Friday: WEATHER Update

For one more week, the Friendly Friday Challenge is to talk about the WEATHER

In my part of the world the record-breaking bomb cyclone weather is past. Today was a glorious sunny day and for the first time in one two weeks, there was no rain! Of course, we went out for a walk. But before that … what was the storm like?

It was pretty wild. So wild that we stayed indoors, thankful to be dry and warm. There were warnings of flash floods (but we weren’t going anywhere) and power outages (we had a brief one) and advice to have an emergency kit with three days worth of water and food (which I think we had but was glad we didn’t have to test.) I read about the emergency kit when the storm was in full throttle and resolved to assemble one, as soon as I survived this bit.

Back in the city, I never think about emergency kits and go-bags. In Toronto, emergency kits are boxes of band-aids in the medicine cabinet and stashes of chocolate bars hidden in the kitchen.

In Ucluelet, emergency kits are batteries, flashlights, hand-cranked radios, warm clothing, keys, food and water.

Go-bags are the same but smaller, for grabbing when there’s an immediate evacuation warning. Like a tsunami warning, when we have 20 minutes to walk or run, to higher ground.

In any event, neither were needed. Eventually, the 80 km winds cleared up and it was safe, more or less to go out.

Photos and video this week are compliments of my hubby. I opted to stay indoors … where it was warm and dry.

Thanks for all your responses on WEATHER in your part of the world. I had some wonderful insights into

Sofia’s Glaswegian Weather

Amanda’s Extreme Aussie Weather

Brian’s cinematic Lightning Storm and music interlude

Drake’s Gorgeous storm photography

Cath’s jaw dropping photos of weather in Tasmania

eklastic’s Windy Weather in Germany

Sarah’s view of Iceland, in good and bad weather

Ju-Lyn’s Hot & Sultry Singapore

Philosophy’s Hot and Wet weather in India

Tanja’s Mediterranean weather in Rijeka

Liz’s rainbows in Colorado

Bren’s idyllic woodland walk in New Hampshire

Manja’s contrasting weather in Tuscany and Ljubljana

There’s still one more week for the challenge, where you can tell me more about the WEATHER, at home or away, at times or events, memorable to you.

Next week, Amanda will post a new challenge at Something to Ponder About.

Until then, I look forward to hearing from you!

Sunny now on Vancouver Island, Canada. October 2021


  1. Thank you Sandy’s Hubby for the atmospheric photos and video. I got chills watching the beginning of the video, with the dramatic zoom in … and then when the ditty started playing, I laughed and laughed because it appropo yet lended some comic relief! Once again, I am reminded how wild weather & nature is.

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  2. Chocolate and Band-Aids, no problem. Anything beyond a few random candles stuck in a cupboard, nope, definitely not ready for apocalyptic weather. 🙂
    Your husband did a great job with the video, like his song choice!

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    1. Response was great. More than I expected when I started to write up the list ;-(
      We’ll see what comes out of COP26. Given our global experience with Covid, any little bit of thought, tells us what an impact global action can make.

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      1. Perhaps leaders might make the link that the world is interconnected and there is no escape. If one opts out, the rest are affected. Something my leader has yet to get his head around, sadly. Hopefully the other countries will increase the pressure on him. Business is already heading in that direction, as they are already feeling the market repercussions of being an environmental pariah.

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