LAPC# 159: Postcards … from the ’60s

Ana from Anvica’s Gallery is guest hosting this week’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge #159. The topic is POSTCARDS and since I’ve been playing around with old photos, I thought I’d have fun with bespoke Postcards from the Past. In particular, postcards from the island of my birth, Jamaica.

Back in the 60’s Jamaica was known for it’s Beaches, Bananas and Harry Belafonte. Later on, it’d also be known for Bob Marley, reggae and ganja … but that would be the ’70s and subject for another post.

In the 1960’s the music du jour was calypso, ska and whatever was hot but not rock from the UK & US. (Sorry, the Stones and Pink Floyd were never that big in Jamaica.) Harry Belafonte was best known for his song “Jamaican Farewell” which he performed on the Ed Sullivan show, along with a cast of simulated islanders and a real live donkey. I don’t remember ever seeing the Ed Sullivan Show but then I don’t remember ever seeing people walking with donkeys either.

Jamaica was also the birthplace of James Bond. Ian Fleming lived on the island and wrote more than a dozen novels and short stories there. His best-selling novels, ‘Dr. No,’ Live and Let Die,’ ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ and ‘Octopussy’ were all set wholly or partly in Jamaica.

The very first James Bond movie, Dr. No was filmed in Jamaica.

It starred the original and best Agent 007, Sean Connery.

The famous beach scene with Ursula Andress was filmed on the north coast, close to Ocho Rios and Ian Fleming’s retreat in Oracabessa.

Going to the beach was a popular activity for everyone. It was a regular week-end outing for my little brother and I. We’d spend entire days on the beach, exhausting ourselves by running to and from the gentle sea waves. Our parents stayed dry, socializing with their friends while slathering on Coppertone sun lotion. Sun bathing was popular back then and deep golden-brown tans were highly prized. In those days, sun tan lotions were meant to deepen tans rather than screen sun rays. SPF? It wasn’t even a word!

Essential for any trip were snacks. Preferably snacks bought at the little wooden shack on the beach. My favorite snack was ice cold soda pop and salty Cheese Krunchies. My baby brother’s favorite was whatever I had. We had many disagreements about that.

I hope you enjoyed my little flashback to the past. Do you remember what were you doing in the 1960s? I’d love to hear in the comments below. Better still if you have pictures, write it up & invite me over to your blog!


    1. Just like the song 🎡🎡
      They give us those nice bright colors
      Give us the greens of summers
      Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day, oh yeah” 🎡

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