Ucluelet in Two Views

We haven’t been back to Vancouver Island for a long while but whenever I feel wistful, I always take a peek at the Ucluelet webcams.

In the language of the First Nations people (the Nuu-chah-nulth or Nootka) of the area, Ucluelet means “people of the safe harbour.” In the map below, you can see why. The town is on the exposed side of Vancouver Island with nothing to the west but the wide wild Pacific. At the tip of the peninsula there’s a lighthouse to mark the entrance into the safe harbour. This is Amphitrite Lighthouse which is a popular look out point on the Wild Pacific Trail.

If I ever need a quick pick-me-up, I look at the live video feed from the Amphitrite webcam. While I’m at it, I also check out what’s happening in the harbour. This morning I had two very different views.

Foggy at the Peninsula tip and along the west side of Ucluelet …
Meanwhile in the harbour, it is Absolutely Clear!

This is fairly typical weather in Ucluelet, foggy mornings which burn off by noon. The town straddles the peninsula, so it’s normal to have the coastal side smothered in fog while the harbor side is crystal clear.

Depending the mood of the Pacific and the wilfulness of the west coast sun, it’ll take longer or shorter to burn off the fog. Sometimes there’s a battle between the elements and the fog will advance, retreat and advance again. I live on the coastal side and on days like that, I’m treated with scenes like this throughout the day.

If you’re ever curious to see the weather Ucluelet, here’s a link to the webcam.


  1. No tsunami warnings here that I know of, though I would probably be among the last to hear! Enjoy your return to Tofino. I don’t doubt that you’re right in saying not much will have changed.

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  2. Hi, Sandy – I have a good friend (blogger Widow Badass) who is currently camping in Tofino. She woke up this morning to a bear outside of her tent. Despite a small bit of panic (on both the bear’s and Deb’s parts), no harm was done. I just shared your post with her.

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    1. There’s been more bear activity than usual in the area. I’ve heard that Tofino’s had to kill three bears already, because they’ve become too acclimatized to human food sources. What’s it like in your side of the island? any more or less usual activity?


    1. I think there needs to be a meeting of cold and warm air currents to make fog. Maybe the body of water by you never gets cold enough to offset the warm air from your mainland? or maybe wind currents just blow it all away?
      Ucluelet is foggiest in August when the daily high & lows are 20 C & 12 C. The month is so foggy is called Fogust 🙂


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