LAPC#155: On Water in Inle Lake – Part 2

In yesterday’s post I said that there were two types of fishermen on Inle Lake. Those who fish and those who pose for tourists. In today’s post, I feature the posers.

It must be a hard life, fishing for a living. Hours on the lake, unprotected from the sun, casting and recasting with little certainty of catch sizes and profit. How much easier it must be, to dress up and pose for the tourists. Earlier in the day we’d past four or five boats of posing fishermen, all crowded by tourists jostling each other for better shots, all the time obscuring or creeping into each others’ frames. We let them be and went on to shoot the floating villages.

It’s late in the afternoon now and we’re travelling back to the hotel. Our motorboat is ripping along the water, running against the current, the wind and spray whipping havoc with my hair. Overhead the clouds are gathering and imminent twilight is gorgeous to see but hard to photograph. The lake is mostly clear, the working fishermen having left for the day. In the distance though, a single boatman raises his net to us.

We approach and our boat circles his boat, moving closer and closer in ever diminishing circles. I try to take good pictures but soon we’re too close to get well framed shots. My photos are a disservice to his ardent demonstrations of balance and poise.

Eventually, we give up trying. It’s been a long day all-around and it’s time to go. One final pose though. In this shot he shows me his dinner and evidence of his real job.

I hope you enjoyed my two part contribution to JohnBo’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #155. Follow the link to John’s page to see posts for more scenes On the Water.

Photos taken on Inle Lake, Myanmar in 2016.


  1. Great captures of this fisherman poser!! He has serious balance and coordination to stand with his foot on the net and on a boat. Impressive.
    Thanks for sharing this unique culture and highlighting an interesting culture and tourist spot.

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