Friendly Friday Challenge: FLASHBACK – Week 2

This is the second week for the Friendly Friday Challenge featuring FLASHBACKs where you’re reminded of something in the past, when something NOW reminds you of something THEN.

Do you need a little inspiration? Here are FLASHBACKs from other bloggers:

Eklastic’s beloved pet from his kitten to senior days in Henry Then & Now

Sarah’s first African safari and her thrilling encounter with a bull elephant

What do computers and wartime cyphering have in common? Find out in Sarah’s trip to Bletchley Park

Drake remembers childhood games with this photo and maybe everything since on this hairpin road.

Wooly ponders on changes in transport from the good old days to the new classics of today

Amanda remembers her trip to the city of Delft and her introduction to the complex art of making Delft blue ceramics

Where were you 30 years ago? Manja was in her hometown and in the middle of Slovenia’s historic 10 day war

Reija takes us on her inspirational journey and awesome recovery from cancer

… and I talk about my less awe-inspiring but still awesome introduction to the authentic Aussie Burger

I look forward to seeing your post on FLASHBACK. Remember you have up until THURSDAY to publish your response, after which Amanda will pose a new challenge. Remember to include a pingback to this post, so that I can find you. Full instructions on Friendly Friday can be found here.

Toronto, Canada. June 2021


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