Random Clippings

I’ve been taking random clippings of newsworthy bits from around the world. Here are a few Weird & Wonderful pieces that caught my eye and tickled my funny bone.

Urban Problems

An ingenious invention by Dutch company, GreenPee solves the problem of ‘wild peeing’ in Amsterdam.

These green planters are dry urinals that incontinent pedestrians can use as alternatives to stray walls and hidden alleys. The effluent is absorbed by dried hemp fibers which over time become organic fertilizer, ready for use in city parks and urban gardens.


In Toronto, GreenP is a mobile app that solves the problem of parking your car.

Uniquely Canadian

Meanwhile, in another part of Canada the battle between man and beast continues. In a “bizarre and uniquely Canadian turn of events,” beavers disrupted internet service by destroying cables owned by the Telus telecommunications company.

Field crews investigating the outage clued in when they spied Telus material (fiber marking tape) on top of the beaver dams. Apparently, the beavers had dug along the creek and discovered the buried underground cable. Beaver doing what beavers do, chewed through the 4.5 inch conduit before chewing through the cable and carting it off to build their lodge.

Telus restored internet service to the B.C. community after a twelve hour interruption.

No word yet, on the status of cable connection in the beaver dam.

Further afield

Reports on Russia being technically backward are entirely fictional … or is it … Fictional reports of Russia being technically backward are wildly understated … or is it … Russian reports of being technically backward are wildy fictional…

Just watch the video.


  1. Very fun post, Sandy. The beaver story was lots of fun, though sad for the people who lost the internet. Who said beavers weren’t advancing? The video was hilarious. Then next thing you know the beavers will be producing a video about their technological dams. πŸ™‚

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