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Canadian politicians are pretty boring. Every once in a while though, we get some excitement.

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I sympathize with the honorable MP. He was undressing after a run and hadn’t realised that his computer’s camera had switched on for a virtual meeting with the government’s House of Commons.

Madame Claude DeBellefeuille was quick to interrupt proceedings by asking the speaker of the house to intervene.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, you have repeated many times the importance of respecting decorum and dress code. And I think that we have broken a record today, because we saw an MP, during question period, in the simplest of attires. In other words, naked,”

DeBellefeuille told the speaker.

I have to wonder if it was decorum or voyeurism that prompted such a wordy preamble. Personally, I would have been shouting “Oiy! Turn off the camera, man!”

“So if you could remind our colleagues, particularly the men, that a tie and a jacket are obligatory, but also a shirt, underwear and pants. We were able to see that the MP was in great physical form, but I think it’s important to remind him to control his camera.”


Such a witty response. If I was in Madame’s riding in Quebec, it might even have earned her a vote. Well, a consideration, at least.

In these days of work-from-home and virtual meetings, it’s easy to have these types of mishaps. I participated in my first GoToMeeting this week. I was surprised to see the little green light on my computer automatically turn on and my startled face show on screen. I thought the App would have asked permission first before turning on the camera?!

The experience got me thinking and I’ve come up with an idea for a brand-new cyber-security product.

What do you think? Ready to invest?

Chuckling in Toronto, Canada. April 2021


  1. Very polite responses to the situation 😂anyway,just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the outstanding blogger award in my post today🙂


    1. “Smile. You’re on Caandid Cammmerrra!”
      I remember that 70’s show 🙂 There’s a Canadian re-make of it (of a sorts) called “Just for Laughs Gags.” Do you know that? You can find episodes on Youtube.

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  2. Hihhi, I’ve caught the sight of this news but somehow didn’t catch that this happened in Canada. This changes everything. 😀 Your new product idea is groundbreaking. Thanks for that on behalf of all members everywhere. 😀 😀

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