Friendly Friday: SOMETHING LEARNED – Week 2

This is the second week of the Friendly Friday Challenge to post about SOMETHING LEARNED!

Even if you’ve posted once, feel free to post again. The topic is the same but the challenge is yours.

Maybe you can be inspired by some of the posts from last week.

Like Graham who taught us lessons on what to believe or not on April 1st

and … Ju-Lyn who’s learning more about her camera phone and exploring new Black & Whites in her neighborhood

and … SoyBend who found a Crack in the Ground close to home

and … LeDrakeNoir who celebrates spring as a season of birth and lessons to be learned

and … Sofia who’s always learning more about Photoshop and adventures in commerce.

and … Eklastic who’s learning all about Toy Photography

and … Sheree who’s happy to learn about the 2023 Tour de France

As for me, over the last week I’ve learned a few new things.

Tung choi is the same as ong choy is the same as kang kong is the same as water spinach. Tung choi is a seasonal vegetable dish on my local Chinese take-out menu. It’s so seasonal, I’ve never been able to order it. This week I finally decided to just look it up.

To my surprise, it’s one of my favorite vegetables for a home-style stir-fry. I know it as ong choy but in places like Singapore, it’s known as kang kong or morning glory. It is a native to SE Asia where it is widely enjoyed in stir-frys with garlic, tofu or shrimp paste.

In the US it is known as water spinach and considered a noxious weed. Cultivation of water spinach is strictly regulated to prevent it contaminating natural waterways. Which is all good because that means I can always cook it at home, when it’s in season.

Water Spinach stir fry – Photo from Woks of Life

I also learned that one can never be too old to enjoy a Justin Timberlake video, especially when it’s brimming with fun, dance and the spirit of Spring.

I look forward to seeing your post on SOMETHING LEARNED. This topic goes up to Thursday after which Amanda will issue a brand new Friendly Friday Challenge.

If you’re new to Friendly Friday, full instructions can be found here, the most important being to include a pingback to this post so that I and others can find you!

Toronto, Canada. April 2021


  1. HI, Sandy – I greatly enjoy discovering what you, and others, have learned each week.
    This week I have been learning how to have my Mac computer and my Samsung phone play together more seamlessly. I’ve just begun using SideSync (free download). I highly recommend it to anyone else in the same boat (Mac and Android user). 😀

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  2. Younger Daughter & I are grooving to your song pick! Such fun!

    Isn’t it amazing that a weed can be another’s favourite vegetable? I love kang kong fried with belachan; it goes by so many names!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You might find it in a Chinese grocery store, if there is one. Water spinach tastes quite different from pak choy & bok choy & despite it’s name, has no relationship to spinach – neither in taste or texture.


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