Deal or No Deal?

This is me trying out the new WordPress feature: Stories.

It’s a quick post mechanism, emulating Facebook and Instagram stories – both of which I don’t ever use.

I am an Instagram-luddite so I admit to not understanding the Story concept. I tried it once on Facebook and was confused when I couldn’t find it the next day. But then, like most things on Facebook, I can never find anything the next day.

So, this is my first Story on WordPress. The feature is only available on the WordPress App on Android … presumably because it’s for those on-the-go-sharing-quick-pix-from-the-phone. According to the Happiness Engineers, these stories won’t disappear and they can be edited like a normal blog post after publishing. Except they have an odd format that don’t look well with regular paragraphs. My opinion.

I guess I’ll have to play around and see if this feature will work for me.

For now, it looks like a fine way to eat up storage on WordPress.

What do you think? Is this a feature that you’d use?


      1. I’ve never really explored Stories on either IG or FB, so am not really sure how they work; but I’m pretty sure they are short-term and will on remain on the feed permanently.

        How are WP Stories different from regular posts? Are you liking this feature?


        1. From what I can see, WP Stories are different from regular posts in that
          1. Can only do it on the mobile platforms ie. from phone or tablet
          2. Can only do it with photos, with any additional text written on the photo.
          3. Cannot have text only blog posts at creation. After publishing, you have the option of editing the post the adding text – like I did with my ‘Deal? NO Deal’ post.
          4. The presentation format is long portrait format only
          5. You have to click on the photo to play the story. Unlike a slideshow, there is no auto-play.

          Do I like the feature? I think it has potential but I wouldn’t use it,j ust because I don’t like the presentation style (#4 & #5)


          1. Thanks so much for the detailed clarification, Sandy! I couldn’t see a great deal of difference in your posts from my computer, so I understand why now.

            Now that you have given me a great explanation & tour, I have to say I wouldn’t use this feature because I mostly read & work on WP on my computer – I find it easier to read, as well as type.


  1. Cute cat but no, I won’t use this. I prefer to be much more considered with my posts – writing in Word, editing a few times until I’m happy, and similarly with photos. I don’t think I’d ever want to just post a photo on the go.

    Although having said that, maybe once we can travel again, if I’m away for a few weeks and don’t have time for ‘proper’ posts, I guess I might use this to share an image from my trip as a way of keeping things a bit livelier on the blog (as opposed to total silence for the duration of the trip!)

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    1. I can see the potential for things like that Sarah. As I said to Amanda, it can be a super low fidelity vlog … with a mini-story-line, rather than just sharing pictures. The presentation format is not great for photos

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