Musical Interlude

I’ve been searching around for something interesting to write about but I’ve been coming up dry. Instead I’ll share some music. Maybe I’ll introduce you to something new.

Like this remake of When Doves Cry by the Be Good Tanyas which is as different from the original as this video is from Prince’s ‘official’ version in 1984. I wish videos gave credit to the videographers and all performaning artists. It is so good.

Moving on to another remake … it’s not deliberate ... I love this cover of Bill Withers “Ain’t no Sunshine” by Elise Legrow who is another … no, it’s not deliberate … Canadian artist. If you have it, I recommend putting on your headphones to listen.

And proving that I’m not promoting Canadian-only artists ... Here is someone who is his own one-man band, Shakey Graves with Roll the Bones. Shakey, not his real name, is from Austin, Texas and his music is a folky, bluesy, rock & roll mix.

That’s it for now. Did you like the music? Let me know in the comments below.

Still January 2021 in Toronto, Canada


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