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Fellow blogger V from My French Chronicles had a wonderful idea. As you know, our community of travel bloggers haven’t been able to travel lately. With worldwide lockdowns, confinements and stay-at-home orders, many of us haven’t gone much beyond our front doors. V had the idea of compiling views from around the world, of scenes just outside of our door or window. Of course, I signed up to participate.

But the view outside of my front door in Toronto is pretty boring. As is the view from the back and side door. So I recorded opening a window into my backyard. Then re-recorded it, after I removed the screen. Then re-recorded it again, after I cleaned the window. It was still a boring view. Just the same, I had promised a video. I sent it in. For good measure, I also included a clip of the view from my other backyard on Vancouver Island.

Here’s the completed video. Well done, don’t you think?

My thanks to V for pulling this together. It was a great collaborative project. Who knows, maybe we’ll do another. But not until late Spring. It’s no fun cleaning windows in Winter.

Cloudy & below freezing in Toronto, Canada. January 2021


  1. V invited me to join this project but I really couldn’t feel that the view out of either my front or back door in suburban London would be of interest! But I’ve already told her I’m up for the next project so hopefully I’ll ‘see’ you there πŸ™‚


  2. I would have done mine differently too given another chance. In all, though, a great experience and I am going to host a sunrise prompt in the same format. Did you send it to Vero via Instagram or some other format?

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    1. If it’s sunrise I’ll have to opt out. The sun doesn’t rise or set in the city … it just turns on or off. Occasionally I get a glint of sunset, literally a beam of light reflected on my neighbor’s window. By the time I run outside, it’s gone and I have to read about how marvelous it was in the local news.
      I sent my video clip via email. I’m not a Instagram’r

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      1. Okay. I am sorry to hear that, but what about Vancouver Island. Would you have an older clip of that? I am using a clip of sunrise from winter, as the sun gets up too early at the moment. Actually thinking about it sunrise isn’t a great theme given that the North is in the grips of winter….


        1. My library of home videos is very sparse – it’s not something I do a lot of. (The Vancouver Island clip was only because I’d wanted to capture the stormy weather. )

          True, sunrise & sunset videos may be challenging for different reasons. Another idea … maybe a variation of opening a door to step OUT, is opening a door to step IN to a … busy street, a grocery store, restaurant for food pick-up, a bus, a train station ??


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