Fiction in Times of Covid

A friend of mine made the observation that romance novels written during times of Covid will be different and written something like this …

She slowly slipped her mask down, revealing her warm red lips and blushing face. As their eyes met, he tenderly removed her gloves and lovingly applied antiseptic gel.

My response was that it was far more likely to be …

“After months of Covid confinement and near constant company, bar bathroom breaks and walking the dog, she looked at the lump of the human planted on her sofa and thought “Dear God is this what happy EVER AFTER looks like?” 

All images created by pch.vector / Freepik

Ho! Ho! Ha! I’m taking a break from holiday cheer and playing around with words and free vectors from It’s fun, tartly sweet and entirely calorie-free. Unlike my other holiday activities which consist of cooking and baking to a sorely diminished crowd 🙂


  1. I had many smiles when I read Romantic Novels in these days of Covid
    How Covid is changing our lives!
    Feel sorry guys that Christmas is unlikely to be a grand event.
    It’s ok.
    Let us go with the flow.
    Glad to note that Amanda’ s place is safe to celebrate the festival.
    Thought provoking read Sandy
    Thanks for letting me know Free


  2. It is a bit sad that we can’t get together with all our loved ones at Christmas. The Western world seems SO invested in it, and for years I was too. The irony is that I have let go a bit of the Christmas traditions and aspirations, so it doesn’t mean quite so much to me as it used to do. And yet, in our country, Christmas will be as it was before due to an almost complete elimination of Covid. But I don’t want to say that too loudly….

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    1. You should enjoy your Christmas as much as you can. After celebrating Christmas for so long, it’d be unnatural if you didn’t lose some of the traditions. That’s why kids grow up – to take over 🙂


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