Friendly Friday: Quiet Places

For this week, Amanda’s Friendly Friday Challenge is QUIET PLACES

If you follow my blog then you’ll know that I have a soft spot for the Pacific North West, with its rugged coast line, spectacular mountains, big trees and moody beaches. The outdoors is not really quiet. The sound of the surf can fill up the day and the silence of the forest can be deafening in its intensity. But the wild outdoors quiets the soul and that’s why I think of it as my QUIET PLACE.

In far more poetic verse, Canadian poet Shane Koyszan describes the wilds of British Columbia here.

Photos taken on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.


  1. Oh My! I want to go to that place! The forest by the sea! Meeting the sea. Magical, magical! Fantastic shots and I totally get the deafening quiet you spoke of in the forest when the silence seems to impound upon your ears. Most of the forest here tend to be pretty noisy. In the tropics – cicadas can really deafen you. I much prefer yours.

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    1. It’s true that tropical wildlife is much louder. I used to live in North Carolina beside a pond (maybe it was a swamp) and at night the noise as thunderous. I think it might have been frogs but it sounded like thousands of them … which gave me massive heeby jeebies!


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