1. I drink a 32 ounce cup of iced black coffee every morning. I get a little shaky sometimes but the world seems a little brighter until my next cup. πŸ€ͺ


    1. Although I drink about the same amount, I have it fresh brewed and mellowed out with milk. I like my coffee strong but I’ve always found iced coffee to have a bit more punch than I can take πŸ™‚

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  2. These two have a running rivalry where they take pot shots at each other. This one is the latest and coincidentally, it was released in time for my challenge. It was just chance that I found it & thought to share for a laugh.
    Here’s the precursor to this vid …

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      1. I am not sure what to make of both videos, other than am I taking life too seriously to be utterly critical of both of them? One wastes a million dollars on an ad when the money could have been used in better ways, the one pours gin on a good piece of furniture and comes across as an indulgent celebrity. Weirdly I didn’t find it funny at all. I think it is meant to be funny, but my daughter would just roll her eyes and say I didn’t get it.


        1. It’s a particular brand of humor. I wouldn’t take the $1M literally ( it’s canned film footage) and this kind of brand marketing is quite effective. Ryan Reynolds just sold Aviation Gin for $610M -not bad for a company nobody knew about until he bought a stake & started promoting it with videos like this. I don’t know the market value of Laughing Man Coffee but it was founded by Hugh Jackman and it funnels all its profits into bettering coffee farmers & communities. Not bad, I think. There are many more celebrities’ that do less with their fame.

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          1. Good point. If it makes money that can be funneled to good causes, it is worthwhile. I think it walks a thin line though, and the public could tire of it quickly. Even so, the brand will have achieved what it set out to do, become a household name. And it certainly gets one’s attention, and that is what advertising hopes to do, isn’t it?


          2. Indeed. I always find it interesting that humour can be so country specific. I think I may have told you about some Scandi friends watching a very iconically Australian movie – satirical comedy. They laughed at things we didn’t find and weren’t meant to be funny at all and the things that we kacked ourselves over, they look completely bemused or confused at. It was rather puzzling.

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